The Most Viewed ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition Proves People are Creeps

America's Got Talent most viewed article

People are weird, we already know that but what we did not take into consideration was how many people are creeps. At Talent Recap we complied a list of top viewed America’s Got Talent auditions of the decade and we all thought it would either be Kodi Lee, Darci Lynn or Grace VanderWaal. Hint: It was somebody nobody expected!

Top 5 Most Viewed AGT Auditions

Boy, were we wrong! The most viewed audition video is the video of Men with Pans and not PANTS! Yup, don’t look at us, you guys watched it so many times that it became the most viewed audition of ‘AGT’. It has been viewed over 126 million times.

America’s Got Talent most viewed Audition EVER

Men with Pans aka seasoned performers Kevin Brooking and Colm O’Grady created this show after 2 years of improvising with hundreds of frying pans and a grain of popcorn? The result is their act that they like to call a “Naked Lunch”.


The act is about 2 gastronomically challenged men called Lloyd and Harold who are french chefs from France. They have all the best recipes, standout skills that only master chefs have but they do have a slight issue.

They can’t figure out how to light the oven.

In their auditions, Men with Pans wore chef hats, socks, shoes and pans, which they strategically use to cover their genitals.

AGT’s Men with Pans

At one point, one of the two men ditched his pan while upside down in a lift, thankfully his partner switched his cookware back and forth to cover both their backsides as they spun in the air and all over the stage.

While the song playing in the background was Yma Sumac’s “Gopher Mambo”


Mel B and Simon Cowell buzzed the act off of America’s Got Talent and even though Simon was petrified and just not having a good time watching these men on stage the rest of the judges did say yes to sending the duo to AGT’s Judge Cuts.

Men with Pans did not end up performing in the Judge Cuts as scheduled, although it is unclear if the acts withdrew or was cut by the judges due to the naked nature of the act.

Interested in seeing Men with Pans? Click here.


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