‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Six New Performances and a Jaw-Dropping Reveal

Kyle Montplaisir
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Tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer brought back six fan-favorite celebrities to perform again. Flamingo, Leopard, Black Widow, Skeleton, Thingamajig, and Butterfly are all returning to the stage. But one won’t make it past tonight!

Read below for our recap of episode four of The Masked Singer season two.

Flamingo sings “Footloose” on The Masked Singer

Who is the Flamingo?

Clues: Latin music is playing in the background while Flamingo mentions being a pop star and says, “chicka chicka flam flam.” Whatever that means. She says she “went from hood-rat to Hollywood triple threat.” Talking about her humble beginnings, a pile of tires is shown and Flamingo is seen at a gas station. The Flamingo talks about how she came from nothing. Then, she was “discovered by a powerful wizard.” When she was a kid, she wanted to be a doctor and even attended a “medical training school.”

Performance: The Flamingo lit up the stage with her performance of “Footloose.” The crazy range and high energy prove she’s a seasoned pro. Plus, she’s all glammed out in pink and bling! You’ve gotta love her sass and stage presence.

Guesses: Nicole predicted Ally Brooke, picking up on her clue about a “wizard” and likening that to Simon Cowell. Jenny then guessed Adrienne Bailon, while Robin went with Kandi Burruss.

Leopard sings “Stitches” on The Masked Singer

Who is the Leopard?

Clues: The Leopard starts his clues off by saying he wants to be a “primetime champion.” The shot cuts to a store front, where a baby is left in front of a door that says “1963” as the Leopard says he wasn’t born a winner. Being passed from “pack to pack,” he used his talent as an escape. A newspaper is shown with the headline “FINDING YOUR PLACE.” He says he’s “lived his life in color” ever since. Another newspaper is shown saying, “FANS UNITED FOR LEOPARD.” The Leopard mentions his cubs and says it’s “never too late to flip the script.” He wants to be a hero in their eyes. After his performance, the Leopard says he once served fast food.

Performance: Singing “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes, the Leopard put on quite a show. It’s impressive how every time we hear him sing, it’s just as shocking as the first time. The voice doesn’t match the look at all! But he’s clearly got some vocal talent.

Guesses: Ken says that the Leopard must be a method actor because he’s always in character, later guessing Neil Patrick Harris. But the other judges say it can’t be NPH. Nicole guesses Billy Porter again. Jenny goes in the same alley with RuPaul.

Black Widow sings “Before He Cheats” on The Masked Singer

Who is the Black Widow?

Clues: In her clues package, the Black Widow is shown playing with a doll house and knitting. She says that ever since her childhood, she’s had to maintain a “squeaky clean image.” But she never fit the part! A record is shown and a TV as she mentions her “amazing career” that has taken on “different shapes.” After her performance, the judges point out her cast and the Black Widow responds, “spiders shouldn’t ride hoverboards.” She also says she never went to Prom, but she pretended to.

Performance: Switching things up from her first performance, Black Widow went country! This week, she sang “Before He Cheats.” It’s a hard song to cover but she really pulls it off. She even managed to sneak an American Idol reference in her clues, looking back!

Guesses: Robin guessed Raven-Symone. Nicole guessed Christina Aguilera and the other judges agree with her. But come on…that is NOT Xtina’s voice. Ken guesses Thatiana Ali from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Skeleton sings “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” on The Masked Singer

Who is the Skeleton?

Clues: To start, the Skeleton talks about his “first shot at being a headliner” last week. He calls the audience his “amigos.” The Skeleton says it sometimes feels like “joint custody.” Ever since childhood, he’s felt overshadowed. But being in the background allowed him to be more “instrumental” in “orchestrating” those around him. When prompted, he says that he was once inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Performance: Singing “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”, Skeleton showed off his vocals this time around. He’s clearly not the best singer, but he does well with what he’s got. The Skeleton seems to be going out of his comfort zone to do a younger song, so we’ve gotta respect that.

Guesses: Throughout the entire clue package, the judges are guessing Martin Short. Nicole thought it was Teller from Penn & Teller. Ken again predicted Martin Short, which Robin agrees with. Jenny figured it out though, guessing that it’s Paul Shaffer.

Thingamajig sings “Rainbow” on The Masked Singer

Who is Thingamajig?

Clues: Thingamajig said before his first performance, he was “shaking like a feather.” He says singing was his first love. Growing up, his parents told him not to “run with the bulls,” which the judges pick up on as a basketball reference. Thingamajig is seen drinking tea at what looks like a kid’s tea party. He says “Real magic comes from within” while doing magic. The last clue we got from Thingamajig is that his “darkest moment” is when he went to rehab.

Performance: Finally! We get to see Thingamajig’s cover of “Rainbow” that was teased before the season! And WOW. The full version was even better than the preview. Thingamajig is separating himself from the crowd now! I would say he’s easily the one to beat. Nicole was literally crying during it!

Guesses: The judges are all confused because they think he’s a singer. Robin doesn’t even have a guess from the clues and performance. Jenny mentions that from the clues, she thinks it’s an athlete, but when he sings, it has to be a singer. Nicole predicted it’s Lebron James (if he can sing). Robin threw out Dwight Howard. Ken thinks it might be Montell Jordan.

Butterfly sings “Livin’ On A Prayer” on The Masked Singer

Who is the Butterfly?

Clues: To kick off her clues, the Butterfly mentioned “time in isolation.” She is seen with London behind her. At the height of her career, she had everyone “saying her name.” She lost flight when she tried to spread her wings though. It led to breakups, breakdowns, and hibernation. But under the mask, the Butterfly gets a second chance. A bunch of inspirational quotes are shown written on a mirror. When asked for one more clue, the Butterfly revealed she has a butterfly tattoo!

Performance: The Butterfly showed off her talent on Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Fitting too, since so many of her clues deal with praying! But the Butterfly built up her entire performance to the key change, where she really brought it. She literally HAS to be a singer. This was an impressive one from her on a karaoke classic!

Guesses: Jenny is picking up on clues about church, isolation, and London. She guesses Fantasia. Ken says it might be Mel B. Nicole goes “out on a limb,” predicting it’s Twiggy. Robin follows the London lead, guessing the Butterfly is Leona Lewis.

A Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Reveal on The Masked Singer

At the end, one celebrity was voted to be eliminated and that was the Skeleton. Not too surprising considering this week was STACKED! After final guesses, he took off his mask to reveal…Paul Shaffer! That means Jenny McCarthy predicted this one correctly. Impressive!

The Skeleton is revealed on The Masked Singer

Tune in with us again next week when The Masked Singer brings back its other six remaining celebrities.

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