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The HEARTBREAKING Death Of Prince’s Son That Led To His Divorce

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate

Prince son death

Prince is one of the best selling music artists of all time. He dominated the music world with his unique persona and was always in the public eye with new women. However, there were some parts of his life that he wanted to keep more private including the death of his son Amiir Nelson.

Prince Married Mayte Garcia And Welcomed A Son

Dancer Mayte Garcia submitted an audition tape to Prince’s team in 1990. She was invited to dance on his Diamonds and Pearls Tour when she turned 18 in 1992. The two dated for four years and got married on February 14, 1996. She performed vocals on many of his songs and became his muse. She found out she was pregnant shortly after. Their son Amiir was born on October 16, 1996. He was born with Pfeiffer syndrome and could not breathe without a ventilator. It’s a very rare genetic disorder that causes abnormalities in the skull, hands and feet. He tragically died six days after he was born.

In her memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince she wrote “They brought the baby over to us. He was curled on his side, gasping shallow little gulps of air. Because there were no lids to blink, his eyes looked startled and dry. I caught hold of his tiny hand, saying over and over, ‘Mama loves you, Mama’s here.”

Members of Prince’s team could see the sadness that the baby’s death brought upon the couple. “It was really sad. I think he was really looking forward to being a father,” Prince’s former dancer Lindsley Allen, told People. “It was very difficult for them, and I don’t think they really recovered from that. I felt a very paternal feeling from him but yet that was something that he never really had known.” She went on to say that they both were very excited to be parents and they even built a playroom and a swing set for their child.


They Kept Amiir’s Death A Secret

Mayte and Prince went on to make an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show shortly after Amiir’s death. They did not speak of his death and instead pretended that the baby was still alive. Prince even gave Oprah a tour of the playroom they built and he said it was his favorite room. The interview aired a month after the baby died. It was later revealed that Mayte did not want to participate in the interview because she was still healing from Amiir’s death but he told her it was better if they did it together. When Oprah asked them to clear up rumors about their baby, Prince said “Our family exists. We’re just beginning it. We got many kids to have. A long way to go.” It was hard for them to acknowledge that he was really gone.

Mayte was pregnant again soon after but she suffered a miscarriage. This put a strain on the pair’s marriage after going through so much heartbreak and loss. On their third anniversary, they announced plans to annul their marriage and officially divorced in 2000. The feeling of loss and grief just overcame their relationship.

Mayte Still Thinks About Amiir To This Day

“Still, to this day, I miss my son,” Mayte shared in an interview with the Mirror. She also said “I believe a child dying between a couple either makes you stronger or it doesn’t. For me, it was very, very hard to move forward and for us as a couple I think it probably broke us.” Mayte went on to adopt a daughter, Gia while Prince tragically passed away from an overdose in 2016.

Even though Prince is no longer with us, Mayte continues to honor his memory and even runs his charity Love 4 One Another.


The charity was created after Amiir’s death and is aimed to help out people in similar situations and make a positive impact on society in any way they can.

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