The First Night Of ‘The Voice’ Knockouts Was EPIC

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

This season of The Voice keeps delivering again and again. The cadre of talent they have lined up this year is all good. ALL OF IT. So, it’s not a question of who is better, but who had a slightly better performance at that minute and the subjective opinion of their coach. There were some surprises and many you saw coming. All in all it was a thrilling night.

Adam Cunningham vs. Esera Tuaolo

Remember Esera? He was the ex-football player turned singer. People expected Adam to annihilate him…but it was not so. Esera got Blake’s vote but luckily country superstar in the making Adam was stolen by…er…Adam.

Lucas Holiday vs. Shi’Ann Jones

Lucas is a great singer, there is no doubt about it but Shi’ann is a force of nature in spite of her young years. Jennifer picked her and it makes 100% total sense. I did feel bad for Lucas though.

Addison Agen vs. Dennis Drummond

Addison is an unbelievable powerhouse. Dennis isn’t exactly a slouch. But I think his choice of doing All Along The Watchtower was a bad one. I mean, it was fine but wasn’t great. But Addison was unstoppable.

Janice Freeman vs. Karli Webster

We love Karli here at Talent Recap. We interviewed her last week and she was a delight. Unfortunately, she went up against Janice Freeman who is…ummm…unbelievable. It was a Muhammed Ali level knockout. I wonder if they are going to bring back the wildcard thing they’ve done in the past in which case I’m sure she’ll get it.

Davon Fleming vs. Eric Lyn

Eric is a great singer but this was not his best performance. Like, at all. But Davon was on fire. It was an easy choice. Super easy.

Ashland Craft vs. Chloe Kohanski

Ashland and Chloe are both friends of Talent Recap and it was pretty even if you ask me. Miley picked Ashland but Blake stole Chloe.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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