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The Adam Levine/Blake Shelton Feud Continues

Miley and Blake have been doing battle over talent. It isn’t just Miley Cyrus that’s competing against Blake Shelton for acts, of course. She is going after the country artists but it seems like a friendly rivalry. Then there is Blake’s relationship with Adam Levine. For several seasons the Maroon 5 singer and the country crooner have insulted each other and bickered on stage. In spite of an attempt to play nice, they just can’t help themselves.

It’s hard to say whether or not they genuinely dislike each other or it’s just an act. They both strike me as highly competitive people with giant egos. It gets pretty nasty sometimes. It’s essentially a willy waving contest between two superstars. It’s entirely possible that the whole thing is engineered. It’s hard to say, because I don’t know those guys, but I have a feeling there is a kernel of truth there. You know when you like somebody and you start off joking but it slowly turns real? I think it’s like that only with hate.

When you put two alpha males on the same stage they are going to butt heads. Of course, Miley and Jen are a couple of alpha females and that’s what makes the show so fun to watch. A lot of people tune into The Voice to watch the judges as much if not more than to see the singers perform. That’s why the show’s formula works.

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