The 5 Worst Acts EVER On ‘AGT’ Will Make You Cringe [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
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Death performs comedy on "AGT"NBC

Want to see the worst acts ever to appear on AGT? We think we might have found them. Even though the show regularly showcases unbelievable talent, there are always a few duds in the mix.

The worst acts usually get buzzed in their first AGT audition, but occasionally they’ll make it through to the second round before crashing and burning. Watch the videos below and try not to cringe along with the judges.

The Worst Acts Ever On ‘AGT’

Death – Season 14

This stand-up comedian dressed in a black hood and skeletal makeup to share some punny jokes about his job as the Grim Reaper. To make things even more awkward, he stood there waiting for laughter that didn’t come. “It’s so bad, it’s good!” giggled Howie Mandel. Death ended up with four buzzers. “We hate you,” said Simon Cowell.


Jogku and Aichan – Season 12

Jokgu the piano-playing chicken actually made it through the audition round, and the judges were excited to see a second performance. She was joined in the Judge Cuts by her sister Aichan. Unfortunately, the chickens decided not to cooperate this time, while their trainers urged them on to no avail. All four judges buzzed the act. “I feel bad,” said Simon. “I’ve never buzzed a chicken in my life.”

Anthony Penoso – Season 12

Is this the worst singer to ever appear on AGT? It’s definitely possible. Anthony took the stage to gush about his much-younger wife and perform an original song about her. He got four buzzers within seconds. “I don’t think we’ve ever buzzed this fast,” Heidi Klum said. Simon allowed him to try another song, which wasn’t any better. “Make it stop,” Howie said as he tried to press the buzzer again.


Diane Bannard – Season 11

This hula hooping performer originally auditioned in Season 9, but said she got “stage fright” and didn’t do well. She returned to the stage with her colorful act. “I remember her so well,” Mel B said as Diane swung the hoop around her neck and moved around the stage. Simon called it “boring” and “pointless.” Then Heidi and Nick Cannon both tried out the moves.

Mr. Splat – Season 11

Talk about an anticlimax. This performer, named Greg, said he has a “passion” for what he does, and that he’s been preparing for a “lifetime.” What he ended up doing was jumping into an inflatable pool full of shaving cream. Simon called it the worst act ever on the show, and got up to leave. The silver lining was when Heidi and Nick decided to take a dive themselves, and proceeded to cover Mel and Howie in shaving cream.

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