The 10 Saddest Eliminations On ‘America’s Got Talent’ EVER!

Julia Delbel
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In the nature of any TV talent competition, America’s Got Talent has featured so many eliminations over the years that have been very difficult to watch. Of course, not all of our favorite acts can make it to the finale, but these 10 were particularly hard to swallow.

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Quarter-Finals 1 results

Freckled Sky – Season 10 Quarter-Finals

Season 10 started out really well for this dance duo, with them receiving Howard Stern’s Golden Buzzer. However, they ended up on the bubble in the quarter-finals and ultimately lost the judges’s choice verdict. What made this moment extra-sad was the fact that not only were Freckled Sky eliminated, they disappointed Howard so much that he didn’t even vote for his own Golden Buzzer pick to stay.

Results Quarter Finals Bello Nook Billy & Emily England America’s Got Talent 2017 -Round 1

Bello Nock, Puddles Pity Party, and Just Jerk – Season 12 Quarter-Finals

Circus performer Bello Nock, sad clown singer Puddles Pity Party, and dance group Just Jerk were all fan-favorites during the Season 12 Judge Cuts, but were eliminated in the quarter-finals. It’s fairly common to see acts hyped up before the live shows only to lose out on the votes during them, but these three were all eliminated in the same episode. Talk about a triple gut-punch.

Mochi – Season 13 Quarter-Finals

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Quarter-Finals 1 results

Another quarter-finals cut, Season 13 contestant Mochi was a Diabolo performer, which is extremely rare to see on these shows. This one is a heart breaker because regardless of how the at-home audience voted, it was clear how much he was absolutely adored by the studio audience. If you listen carefully you can hear them chanting his name in the background before both save results were announced! (Also those tears!)

The Sacred Riana – Season 13 Quarter-Finals

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Quarter-Finals 2 results

Worldwide Got Talent fans were hyped when they found out Asia’s Got Talent winner The Sacred Riana would be competing on the American version. But as it turned out, there seemed to be a cultural difference between the two audiences. The American crowd just didn’t seem to “get” Riana’s style of horror magic, and she was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

The Sacred Riana fan? Did you know The Sacred Riana will star in her own movie

Sergey and Sasha – Season 13 Judge Cuts

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Judge Cuts 4 results

Seeing a great act eliminated in the first round of live shows is tough, but seeing a great act eliminated before the live shows is straight-up heartbreaking. Sergey and Sasha performed some fun father-daughter balancing acts in the Season 13 auditions and Judge Cuts rounds, but were ultimately eliminated at the end of the latter.

Fortunately, their story didn’t end there. The duo were later invited to compete on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, and made it to the finals!

Steven Brundage – Season 11 Judge Cuts

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Judge Cuts 2 results

Rubix-cube magician Steven Brundage wowed AGT fans with his audition and Judge Cuts performances, and fans were heartbroken to learn of his elimination in the latter round. However, he ended up becoming a wildcard act for the live shows!

Steven Brundage – Semi-Finals

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Semi-Finals 2 results

Steven breeze through the first live round with flying colors, but in the semi-finals he found himself up for the Dunkin’ Save with contortionist Sofie Dossi and  juggler Viktor Kee. Seeing this trio on the bubble together was especially heartbreaking because they had clearly grown close over the course of the competition so the elimination would have been sad regardless of who went home, but it was ultimately Steven who lost out on the finals.

Eric Jones and Colin Cloud – Season 12 Semi-Finals

Since we’re on the subject of magic, we have to talk about magician Eric Chien and mentalist Colin Cloud. These guys were the last two magic acts standing when the semi-finals rolled around, but by the time they were over, both were gone.

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Semi-Finals 2 results

What’s kind of crazy about the situation here is that their respective AGT journeys followed a very similar trajectory: they made it through auditions and Judge Cuts without any issues, ended up on the bubble in the quarter-finals, and lost the judges’s choice in the semi-finals. What made it extra- sad was that their eliminations meant there would be no magic acts in the finals that season (though the genre was soon “redeemed” with the double-victory of card magician Shin Lim on both Season 13 and The Champions Season 1.)

Eric Chien – Season 14 ‘AGT’ Semi-Finals

America’s Got Talent Season 13 Semi-Finals 1 results

Another magician eliminated in the semi-finals, it was tough to watch Eric go because he had been favored to reach the finals and potentially place very high for most of the season. But unfortunately, there were a couple of roadblocks standing in his way – Shin Lim’s enormous shadow and Simon Cowell’s disdain for his style of magic – that ultimately overpowered him before he could get there.

Do you think Eric Chien was doomed to lose because of Shin Lim’s massive impact?

Charlotte Summers – Season 14 Quarter-Finals

America’s Got Talent Season 14 Quarter-Finals 2 results

In a particularly strong season for vocal talent, Charlotte Summers was one of the best of them all. That’s why it was so hard to see her eliminated in the quarter-finals while many singers who weren’t as strong as her advanced. Sometimes you just end up on a week with a stacked lineup, and that’s what unfortunately happened to Charlotte and did her in. (Well, that and Simon’s comments.)

Darci Lynne and Courtney Hadwin – The Champions Season 1

America’s Got Talent: The Champions Episode 2 results

On a show like The Champions, it was inevitable there would be some tough eliminations, but the one-two punch of losing both Darci and Courtney after seeing them both make it to the top three of their episode only to lose out to Cristina Ramos was both surprising and sad. Fortunately, we did get one of them back in the competition when Darci was chosen as a wildcard for the finals and finished the season as runner-up, ahead of Cristina who had previously beaten her out for a spot in the finale.

And how can we forget, V Unbeatable in the finale last season, were you sad about them?

Who’s AGT elimination made you the saddest? Let us known in the comments below!

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