Terry Crews Calls His Tweet ‘Ill-timed’ After Landslide Of Backlash But Still Stands By His Statement

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Terry Crews has been subject to controversy over the past few months. After first coming under fire for tweeting about “black supremacy,” he has once again made waves with one of his tweets. And this time, he of course responded to the backlash by calling it “ill-timed.”

‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Terry Crews’ Tweet Sparked A Reply From Bow Wow

Terry previously tweeted “BOYCOTT MAGIC CITY#BLACKLOVEMATTERS.” Magic City is a strip club in Atlanta. He received major backlash because Magic City employs a lot of black women at a time where the Black Lives Matter movement is sweeping across the world. Some felt he was ignoring the issue of police brutality and instead focusing on strip clubs for some unknown reason. Others called him “anti-black.” Rapper and former ‘Masked Singer’ contestant Bow Wow had something to say about Terry’s since-deleted tweet. “Leave ATL out yo mouth! Magic is a staple here and it ain’t going nowhere. Just keep doing the robot and save yourself the public embarrassment” Bow Wow tweeted.


This prompted Terry to put out a response to clarify his comments. “My tweet yesterday however well-intentioned, was ill-timed. I pray for the many women trapped and trafficked in the life of the sex industry and see no way out” he wrote. “I want them to know they are not product to be used, but People to be loved.” He put out another tweet about the recent shooting of Jacob Blake. “I also pray for the swift recovery of Jacob Blake and can find no justification for shooting a man seven times in the back in front of his children. The trauma of witnessing what happened to their father is devastating, and I want justice for him and his family,” he tweeted.

After Terry’s Response, People Are Still Not Happy With His Stance On BLM

Terry is still under criticism from people even after his response to his initial tweet. Former NFL player Martellus Bennett tweeted “Terry Crews entire career was built on his body image. He’s been stripping for Hollywood his entire career. Gtfoh.”


“Terry Crews completely ignored all the police brutality happening against Black people in America and decided to take his anger out on Magic City,” said another Twitter user.

One Twitter user tweeted “Terry Crews is a danger to the Black community. He always tries to cause a distraction to a movement in the fight.”

There were also some people that say they expect Terry’s name to trend on Twitter at this point since his tweets are always so controversial. “I don’t even have to click on the hashtag to know Terry Crews must have said some wild sh*t…for the umpteenth time” said one Twitter user. The America’s Got Talent host sees his name trending on Twitter at least once a week.


What do you think of Terry’s latest comments?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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