Teaser Image Of Suga From BTS’ Collab With Singer IU Has The BTS Army Freaking Out

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The BTS Army is absolutely freaking out as Suga, one of the South Korean boy band members made some exciting announcements on YouTube Live about a collaboration with IU. They just released a teaser of this collab. He also announced that BTS has already begun working on their next album after the group took a break. And, he may have just uncovered one of his many hidden talents.

Suga Is Excited For His Collaboration With IU

IU is a singer-songwriter that has had major success in South Korea. Her agency EDAM said, “IU will be releasing a digital single on May 6, and she will also be releasing a music video along with her music.” This collaboration with Suga will let her branch out into a new style of music. Her agency also said, “As musicians of the same age, the two singers were able to relate to one another and use that as a foundation for exchanging opinions. They created their own unique synergy, which is reflected in their song.”

IU will also star in the movie Dream next month. Let’s just say May is definitely going to be a huge month for her and we know this collaboration will be a smashing success. She previously had a ton of success with her song “Good Day” which was ranked number one on Billboard magazine’s 100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of the 2010s.


Fans Are Trying To Figure Out What The Teaser Image Means

Recently, a teaser image was released from this highly anticipated musical collaboration between IU and Suga. It features IU dressed in an angelic pale pink outfit with pearls on her hands. The picture also has a few numbers on it. Some of the numbers refer to the release date, but there is also a number 8 in the center of the image. It is very aesthetically pleasing. But naturally, everyone wants to know what the picture means.

Fans are trying to decode exactly what this picture could mean and what the number 8 represents. One fan even broke it down but could not exactly decipher what it means.

The BTS Army was happy to see that Suga is not only featured on the song but is also one of the producers. They believe this is the credit he deserves.

Suga Spoke About BTS’ Upcoming Album And His Love For Art

This collaboration with IU is not the only thing that the Army has to look forward to. Suga gave an update about how BTS is already working on their next album. He said “Before we started, we decided who was in charge of what. Who would oversee everything, who would oversee the visuals, who would oversee the music — we split that up. We discussed it amongst ourselves and made the decision.” He said this while he was painting a picture.

“I think I know why people paint now. This feels really soothing,” he said. “Just like when I make music, I’m following my instincts. I have a feeling this will become a great hobby,” he added. While he didn’t have enough time to finish the painting during this Livestream, he is certainly a talented artist along with being an amazing musician.


Who else is excited to hear Suga’s collaboration with IU and the next BTS album?


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