Team Jennifer is Shut Out and Redheads Beat Mac Attack on ‘The Voice’

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After weeks of hype, only three songs mattered last night on The Voice (sorry, Machine Gun Kelly).

Red Marlow, Adam Cunningham, and Noah Mac were the “middle three,” without enough votes to automatically advance but with too many votes to be eliminated. So all three gave one last performance in a plea to be “instant-saved” by America via Twitter.

Red started, singing Dixieland Delight  by Alabama (a state having its own nail-biting competition that night). Red just sounds like a real country recording artist. It makes me wonder if he even needs to win the competition; he’ll surely have a career no matter what. The song is a fun little tune but didn’t exactly blow the doors off the place. I did like the a capella part at the end. 

After the song, Blake told Red, “You’ve had a hell of a run on this show. I don’t see why it has to end here tonight. You’re waving the flag for traditional country music. As far as getting the attention of Nashville, you did it. I own a music venue in Oklahoma and I’d like to get you booked now.” (I told you Red would be OK!)

Next up was fellow country singer Adam Cunningham, with Here’s a Quarter, Please Call Someone Who Cares by Travis Tritt.

A bitter, rather slow song, with a simple arrangement. If this was Adam’s last chance to impress America and put Red away, he missed it.

Even his coach Adam couldn’t find a great reason to keep Adam on the show: “He’s the story. He was in the bottom two, two weeks in a row. It’s poetic that he should make it to the finale. He will not quietly into the night. You constantly beat the odds. America, let this man continue to beat the odds.” 

Finally came Noah, singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles.

It started as a nice, quiet, emotional ballad. But by the end, it was apparent that Noah was singing for his life, full of desperation and desire and drive. It sounded like he was shouting the finale.

What did coach Jennifer think? “We need people in the industry who sings with a heart like that, who has a passion like that. Who can become his own star. What you’ve done on this show is already amazing. I’m passionate about you and I support everything you do.”

I had worried that Red and Marlow would split the country vote, making Noah the winner by default.  But the initial voting showed country fans were uniting around Red, with Adam a distant third. Maybe being on Team Blake made a difference. Or maybe Red is simply a better singer (which is my opinion).

Red said “Blake’s the king of country music, and for me to do something traditional and keep that type of music alive, it just means the world to me.”

As for the rest? We said goodbye to Keisha Renee and Davon Fleming, who got the least amount of votes overnight. Davon said the one thing he learned from the competition was that “I can be myself, coming from the gospel industry, to be goofy and still be accepted.” Poor Keisha didn’t get to answer a question or say anything before being waved off the stage.

Red joined three women finalists, and there were no surprises there: Chloe, Addison, and Brooke didn’t have to sing again to prove their talents and personalities.

Brooke said of her coach, “I didn’t know that an opportunity would ever happen to me. After so many no’s, Miley was the one yes.”

Meanwhile, Addison gave a glimpse at her future: “I sang two Joni Mitchell songs, and she’s a folk singer. And that genre is kind of gone, and it shouldn’t be. So I hope to bring it back with my singles.”

Red and Chloe advancing means a Team Blake singer has been in the finals 12 out of 13 seasons. Brooke becomes the first Team Miley artist to make the finals. With Noah’s elimination, Team Jennifer has no one in the finals this year.

The Voice is still a major musical force in the country. All eight contestants had songs in the iTunes Top 25 overnight; seven were in the Top 10.

The finals air next week, and Talent Recap will bring you special coverage and interviews for the big event.

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