Talentino’s Diary: Entry 6 – I Want To Hang With DJ Khaled

talentino's diary


Mel and I were cleaning up after a shoot the other day when we discovered Talentino’s diary. Luckily, he was out on a coffee run so we were quickly able to get a copy of some pages. Some might say that this is an invasion of privacy…those people need to calm down. He’s a puppet. We will regularly be posting excerpts from his diary on the site.

Dear Diary,

When I was watching The Four last Thursday I kept thinking about how good of friends DJ Khaled and I could be if only he gave me a chance to hang out with him. I know I’m not cool enough for Diddy and I think Meghan would think I was creepy. But DJ Khaled and I could be best friends.

I picture us riding around in a convertible jeep or something and going to eat ice cream. We would take little Asahd and we would sing along to an old Wiggles CD and laugh and laugh. Then we would drop Asahd off and go buy funny props for the shows like scented candles and gold air horns. We’d laugh some more. 

We have a lot in common. He likes to wear fleece track suits and my skin is fleece material. We both look good in purple and we hate the haters. Maybe one day he’ll know that I think he’s the ginchiest. 


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Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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