Talentino’s Diary: Entry 5- “I’m A Freaaaak!”

talentino's diary


Mel and I were cleaning up after a shoot the other day when we discovered Talentino’s diary. Luckily, he was out on a coffee run so we were quickly able to get a copy of some pages. Some might say that this is an invasion of privacy…those people need to calm down. He’s a puppet. We will regularly be posting excerpts from his diary on the site.

Dear Diary,

It’s part of my job as the intern here at Talent Recap to take promotional pics with the guests we have in the studio for social media. Some of the guests are really cool and are super nice to me. But Ali Caldwell from The Four was here last week and she was put off by me. She called me “creepy” and didn’t want me to touch her. While I would never force myself on anyone, (#metoo), I have to say it hurt my feelings.

I love Ali too. I rooted for her when she was on The Voice and now on The Four. But I have to say that I don’t blame her for being afraid of puppets. There has been a lot of misinformation about puppets and dolls in the media. You know, that our cold, dead eyes peer deep into your soul or that we are often possessed by evil spirits like in Annabelle. I can say that the incidence of demonic possession is only 3% at best.

I understand that I’m essentially a talking pillow that has gained sentience. But I have feelings and I’m not a freak, to quote The Elephant Man. 


Talentino Recapo



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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