Talent Showdown: Which Talent Competition Fared Best This Week?

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American Idol

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

American Idol began its 17th season last Sunday, but it’s “Season 2” on ABC. The premiere got a rating of 1.7 and 8.65 million viewers. That’s down a fair amount from last year’s premiere audience of 10.48 million and a 2.3 rating, but it’s pretty close to the results of an average episode in the 2018 season.

Unsurprisingly, Wednesday’s episode – which will be the only Wednesday episode of the season – saw a drop in both counts, but nothing that severe. The rating was a 1.5 – two tenths below the premiere, while the viewership of 7.82 million was less than a million down.

It will be a couple weeks before Idol settles into its regular schedule for the season and we get a clearer picture of how it will fare this year (week 2 will see a Sunday-only show and subsequent weeks will have episodes on Sundays and Mondays) but we’re not expecting ratings and audience numbers to drop much further, and there’s a good chance they’ll climb once we get to the live shows.

The Voice

The Voice auditions
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The Voice managed to reach a season high in viewership this week with Monday’s episode. 10.97 million viewers tuned in, and it got a rating of 2.1.

On the flip side, Tuesday’s episode hit a season low. (Don’t worry, it’s one a lot of shows would kill to have.) It got a 1.9 and had 10.22 million viewers.

Not much to say here except The Voice is proving to be a hit once again for NBC!

The World’s Best

the worlds best semi-finals
Julia Delbel | Talent Recap

The World’s Best was finally free of being overshadowed by ratings darling The Masked Singer this week (and as an added bonus, NBC’s trio of Chicago series were all in reruns Wednesday night) though it did have to contend with American Idol in its first hour. The penultimate episode had 2.90 million viewers and a rating of 0.6. While not by much, it was up from the previous week’s results of 0.4 in the ratings and an audience of 2.64 million.

This upcoming episode will be the finale, so we’ll see if the ratings rise for back-to-back weeks. Regardless, it seems as though CBS isn’t trying with this show anymore (though other than putting the premiere after the Super Bowl there never seemed to be a clear strategy for it).


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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