Talent Show Proposals: More Common Than You Think?

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap

One of the biggest moments from Monday night’s episode of The Voice that everyone has been talking about was Denton Arnell’s onstage proposal to his girlfriend after his audition. This was a very sweet surprise, and it got us thinking about some of the other times talent show contestants have used their platform to make this kind of public declaration of love!

The Voice Australia

Denton’s proposal may have been the first on The Voice in America, but a blind audition engagement had already happened on the Australian version of the show. After his performance, Nathan Brake brought his boyfriend, Mitchell, onstage where he asked him to marry him. (He said yes!) This was the first time a same-sex marriage proposal had ever been aired on Australian television.


American Idol

This proposal stands in stark contrast to the previous two because while Denton and Nathan were just beginning their talent show journeys when they popped the question, the two people in question here were long past their reality TV glory days when the proposal went down. American Idol Season 5 contestant Ace Young and Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo got engaged at the Season 11 finale. (Oddly enough, despite both happening to be Idol alumni they actually met outside the show when they were in Hair on Broadway together,)

The X-Factor UK

“He Knows She Knows” auditioned for Season 13 of The X-Factor UK as a duo and not only got four yeses, they also got engaged!

During the Season 14 Bootcamp round, Sam Black had less luck with the judges, but did manage to walk away with a fiancée!

The X-Factor US

David Grey and Lauren Waguespack both auditioned for the show (in his case mainly to make her happy) and while both were turned down, they couldn’t be too sad about it since they walked out engaged to be married!

America’s Got Talent

Travis Pratt auditioned for Season 8 with an opera song dedicated to his girlfriend, then brought her up onstage and proposed! (The icing on the engagement cake was the unanimous yeses he got from the judges!)

Do you enjoy these talent show marriage proposals? What’s your personal favorite one? Let us know in the comments below!


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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