The Talent Recap Show: Did Meghan Trainor Make the Right Choice on ‘Songland’?


Meghan Trainor came to Songland looking for a catchy tune to be her next hit. And in our recap show we discuss if she made the right choice. Plus, are spoilers ruining the show?

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Songland Recap

To kick off the show, we recap the week’s songwriters. Brandin Jay was first with “No Money Alright.” He worked with Ester Dean and they re-produced the song with a new title, “We Got Us.” Next, KOLE performed “Hurt Me.” From the moment she finished her song, Meghan Trainor stood up and squealed! She said she had written the song with Meghan in mind but never thought she’d have the chance to bring it to her. After working with Ryan Tedder, this was a HIT!

Third, we had Zachary Kale with his song “All Over Again.” He’s more of a country singer but when the mentors reworked the song, it was coming together. I could actually picture Meghan Trainor singing it! But unfortunately she couldn’t and he didn’t have a chance to work with a producer. Lastly, Meghan Trainor fan Josh Woods sang “Alone.” This was a sassy song about being better off alone, perfect for Meghan’s vibe. He was paired with Shane McAnally, who helped produce the song and lyrics.

In the end, KOLE took away the win with “Hurt Me.” And we aren’t surprised!

Hot Topics

The first hot topic we discuss from this week’s episode of Songland was the songs being released early on Spotify. Why would the producers do this? And does it help or hurt the show?

Secondly, we discuss whether or not Meghan made the right choice on Songland. While she connected with “Hurt Me,” was “We Got Us” or “Alone” the better song? Kyle and Lauren actually disagree on this one too! And all along the way, there’s some shade thrown at Meghan Trainor.

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Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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