Talent Recap Show Ep. 46: We Talk ‘The Four’ With Last Season’s Saeed Renaud

saeed rJack Tomas | Talent Recap

We continue our series talking to former The Four contestants this week. Last week we spoke to Kendyle Paige and today we had the one and only Saeed Renaud. Around the Talent Recap office Saeed was one of our favorites from last season. That dude’s voice is unbelievable and we were bummed when he was eliminated. Now he’s back to talk about his time on the show and what he thinks of this season.

I feel like season one, like on a lot of shows, was a testing ground where they were trying to figure out the show. Now I feel like they’ve really tapped into the energy and potential of the format they have created. I can honestly say that The Four is really different than any of the other shows that we cover. It’s different in tone and also in the way the show is run. Saeed speaks to that and what it was like working with Diddy, Khaled, Meghan, and Fergie.

He’s just a down-to-Earth guy and is as genuine and nice a person as you saw on TV. He is just a Brooklyn boy with a golden voice trying to hustle. Check out his new videos here and give Saeed some love.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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