The Four

Talent Recap Show Ep. 44: ‘The Four’ Season 2 Premiere Recap With ‘Four’ Contestant Kendyle Paige

I took a break this episode and let Mel talk to someone who knows a thing or two about appearing on The Four. I’m talking about Kendyle Paige who was one of The Four on last season. Mel talked to her about her experience on the show, what she thinks of the new season, and what she’s been doing since leaving the show.

Something that was brought up on the show last night was cyberbullying. Rebecca Black, who you’ll recall had a viral song a few years back when she was only 13 and the internet came for her. She went on the show in part to show that she can actually sing. This is something Kendyle knows something about. Lest we recall that she was the one who beat Zhavia and sent her home. Kendyle won fair and square but that didn’t stop the trolls and fanatic Zhavia fans.

She has such a positive attitude and let’s all of that nonsense roll off of her. That’s how you have to be or else you are going to go nuts.