Talent Recap

Talent Recap Show Ep. 22: The Blind Auditions End, Who’s Got The Best Team, And The ‘Idol’/’Voice’ War

On this week’s action-packed episode of The Talent Recap Show we turn our attention once again to The Voice. It was a stellar round of blind auditions this season and we’re starting to see who might come out ahead.

Mel and I both agree that the team to beat right now is definitely Alicia Keys. She and Kelly go the most love from the contestants but I also feel she has the best singers. Of course, that can all change. Team Miley last year seemed unstoppable at this point in the game but it all changed during the battles and knockout rounds. So, Blake definitely has an uphill battle if he wants to retain The Voice crown.

The other big story this week was that American Idol premiered this week and it was up against The Voice on Monday night. Let’s just say that The Voice clobbered American Idol in the ratings. I’m not surprised. Idol is going to have to win back their old audience after a two year absence, no small feat.