Talent Recap vote 2018 fan choicea wards

Talent Recap Fan Choice Awards Nominees

Watch Jack & Mel on the Talent Recap Show announce the nominees for the 2018 Fan Choice Awards:

Talent Recap Fan Choice Awards Nominees

Category 1: Breakout Talent Show Star

Zhavia, The Scred Riana, Sharaya J, Courtney Hadwin, Catie Turner, Anthony Russell

Category 2: Favorite Talent Show Winner

Evvie McKinney, Brynn Cartelli, Maddie Poppe, Dalton Harris, James Graham, Lost Voiceg Guy, Shin Lim,  Chevel Shepherd

Category 3: Favorite Talent Show Couple

Ash Minor & Elanese, Maddie Poppe & Caleb Lee Hutchinson , Gabby & Cade Foehner, Robbie Williams & Ayda Field, Jackie Foster & Brandon Diaz

Category 4: Craziest Moment

Diddy Vs. Elijah Connor Staredown, Adam Levine’s The Voice Save Controversy, Sacred Riana’s Show Stopping Performance, Duo Transcend Drops Wife, Zhavia Loses Seat On The Four, Jason Warrior Confronts Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry Contestant Kiss Controversy

Catergory 5: Best Talent Show Host of 2018

Tyra Banks, Fergie, Ryan Seacrest, Dermot O’Leary, Carson Daly, Declan Donnelly