‘Survivor: Winners at War’ – Which Legendary Female Will Win Season 40?

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As announced in the Survivor: Island of the Idols season finale, and previously reported by Talent Recap, Survivor’s nest season will feature returning players. Additionally, twenty of the show’s winners, ten male winners and ten female winners, duking it out for the title of Sole Survivor!

Now, while all of these players have won the game before, who stands the best chance of winning Survivor season 40? Today, we’re gonna look at the ten female winners to try and find out. We’ll examine their past games, and see how well it bodes for them this time around. Also, twists like Edge of Extinction aren’t going to be factored in, as I’d wager most of the players will stick around long-term.

Women on Survivor: Winners at War

#10: Michele Fitzgerald – Winner of Kaoh Rong

Realistically, Michelle has the worst chance of any player this season based on her first game in Kaoh Rong. Her game was very quiet, and in a season full of strong female winners, that could make her be seen as dangerous. Additionally, I feel like Kaoh Rong is often more associated with Aubry Bracco, and not Michele. As such, people may not really remember her.

Also, she’s decent in challenges, winning three in her first season. This might seem like a good thing, and it definitely is for the early game. But, later down the line, it’ll just make her an even bigger target down the line. Check out this compilation of her best moments on Kaoh Rong here.


#9: Parvati Shallow – Winner of Micronesia

Parvati’s amazing double Idol Play in Heroes vs Villains.

If this was a player’s ranking, Parvati would be much higher. Parvati was a part of one of the most dominant alliances in the history of Survivor, “The Black Widow Brigade,” and dominated a lot of the game in her appearance on Heroes vs Villains. She is phenomenal in challenges, winning a total of four between Micronesia and HvV.

However, with all of those positives, there are inevitably going to be negatives. Parvati is extremely well-known in the community. Player after player try to emulate her game. As such, all of the players, but especially the female winners, on Survivor: Winners at War are very familiar with her play-style. And, if they can go after her early, which I’m sure will be their goal, she’ll be toast.

#8: Kim Spradlin – Survivor: One World

Once again, I think that Kim is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, players of all time. She eliminated whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She won four individual immunities, and still won the game with seven out nine Jury votes.

However, again, this puts her in a very vulnerable position. Kim is a very strong player, but in a season like this, she needs to blend in a bit. And that’s very hard to do when you’re considered the second-best player of all time. Kim’s only real hope is getting into a good alliance early, otherwise she’ll be targeted and taken out. I don’t think she’s just another female winner, but I don’t think anyone else will believe that either. Check out her best moments from One World here.

#7: Sarah Lacina – Winner of Game Changers

Sarah’s best moments on Survivor: Game Changers.

Sarah comes into Survivor: Winners at War in a pretty unique position. While she is a relatively recent winner, in fact she’s the most recent female winner, she won a returning player season. And she played an amazing game on that season as well. However, her biggest weakness she’ll need to overcome is her recency.

Sarah didn’t win any individual challenges during Game Changers, and managed to dominate the game in spite of that. People will remember the moves she made, and how she executed them. She hasn’t had enough time in between her seasons for people to forget how she plays the game. If she can turn that into a strength, though, she has a good shot at Survivor season 40.

#6: Danni Boatwright – Winner of Guatemala

Danni is someone that production has wanted to come back for a long time, and she is finally returning for Survivor: Winners at War. Managing to squeeze her way into an alliance, she wiggled her way to the end of the game by playing a “stealth bomber” game.

Danni is a good player, but her biggest challenge is going to be the gap between her games. Guatemala premiered in 2005, making Danni the female with the most amount of time since her last season. If she can adjust to the games changes, she has a shot. If not, she doesn’t. Check out her winning game here.


#5: Sandra Diaz-Twine – Winner of Pearl Islands and Heroes Vs Villains

Some of Sandra’s best moments from her time on Game Changers.

Perhaps the best player of all-time, Sandra Diaz Twine might be several people’s winner pick for Survivor: Winners at War. And I can certainly see why. She’s won twice. She’s found idols, she’s pulled off blindsides. Plus, she has built in relationships with other players like Parvati, Tyson Apostol and of course Rob Mariano. She can do the thing.

However, I feel like being the only two-time winner will put a massive target on her back. Specifically, look at her time on Game Changers. Every vote she attended, she was targeted. And, while she only received votes at the one Tribal Council, that’s all it takes to be voted out. If Sandra can play up her inability to win, like she attempted to do in Game Changers, that might be her best strategy to win Survivor season 40.

#4: Amber Mariano – Winner of All Stars

Amber’s winning game is highly controversial, as many believe the win should’ve went to her husband Boston Rob. However, Amber played very good on All Stars, and will also have fellow All Stars players Rob and Ethan Zohn in this game as well. Along with Rob’s connections with Sandra and Parvati, the two have a good chance of going far.

Amber’s biggest weakness would be being separated from Rob. If Rob and Amber are separated at the beginning or due to a tribe swap, it could be easy for someone to vote her our to weaken her husband’s position. Additionally, Rob could be voted out before Amber, leaving her in a worse position as well. Check out some of Amber’s time on All Stars here.

#3: Denise Stapley – Winner of Survivor: Philippines

Denise Stapley’s best moments on Philippines.

Denise comes into Winners at War in the position I think Sarah Lacina wanted to come in with. It’s been a while since she played, Philippines aired in 2012, but no so long that the game has changed exponentially. Denise was no slouch during her time on Philippines, attending every Tribal Council that season, the only player with that distinction. She also won an individual immunity challenge.

Denise’s biggest struggle will be her age. She’s the oldest castaway this season. However, not by much, as other players like Tony Vlachos and Ethan Zohn are relatively close to her in age. If she can make herself an asset to her tribe early on, she has a great shot at winning.

#2: Sophie Clarke – Winner of South Pacific

Sophie is an not just another female winner. She’s an extremely underrated winner. Masterminding blindside after blindside with her dominant Upolu alliance, she largely controlled South Pacific. She also had physical strength as well, winning three individual immunity challenges, including one over Ozzy Lusth.

Sophie’s biggest weakness is her blunt personality. It got her into a bit of trouble during South Pacific, but not enough to worry about. If she can manage to play nice for thirty-nine days, she has a great chance of making it to the end in and. Check out her gameplay in South Pacific here.


#1: Natalie Anderson – Winner of San Juan Del Sur

While I may have said Sophie Clarke is underrated, I truly believe that Natalie Anderson is the most underrated winner in the history of Survivor. She was able to integrate herself into a majority alliance full of couples. She made several game-changing moves, such as her blindside of Baylor Wilson at the final five.

The only weakness I could see Natalie having is that she isn’t as well connected pre-game with too many players. However, she’s very likable, and I could see her being able to fix that very quickly. Currently, I feel she has the best chance to win out of all the players this season.

Who would you vote as the winner of Survivor season 40?

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So what do you all think? Which of these women has the best chance to win Survivor: Winners at War? Vote in our poll and let us know! Survivor: Winners at War premieres on February 12th, 2020 on CBS!

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