‘Survivor’ Recap: Player Hilariously Thinks He Found A Hidden Immunity Idol At Tribal Council

Samantha Agate
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Tonight’s episode of Survivor ended in a hilarious fashion. We got to see the players compete for a delicious reward and one contestant even got a birthday treat. And of course, we have to talk about that big mistake that happened at tribal council that had all of the players laughing. Keep reading to find out about the iconic moment at tribal council that had us all on the edge of our seats and of course, find out who was sent to the Edge of Extinction.

Adam Is Convinced That There Is A Hidden Immunity Idol In Plain Sight

Michele Fitzgerald and Nick Wilson feel blindsided about Wendell Holland being voted out at the last tribal council. Nick declares that he is going to get revenge on the other players. Meanwhile, Adam Klein is convinced that there is an idol hidden at tribal council on the podium that host Jeff Probst stands at. He only tells this information to Michele. He thinks the symbol on the podium looks a lot like the hidden immunity idol Denise Stapley used two weeks prior.

On the Edge of Extinction, the players receive a clue that says history repeats itself. They break off into groups to try and figure out what the clue means. Parvarti Shallow ends up finding an advantage hidden inside of a rock. It is a safe or unsafe coin. If you flip it and it lands on safe you have immunity at tribal council. Parvarti tells her fellow contestants about the advantage and wants to give it to Michele in exchange for fire tokens. 


One Player Gives Another Player A Strategic Birthday Gift

Finally, we get to see the contestants play in a reward challenge. There are 11 people left in the game but only 10 will play. Jeremy Collins and Kim Spradlin are randomly chosen as team captains. Denise is not chosen by either team captain. The red team consists of Tyson Apostol, Tony Vlachos, Nick, Adam and Jeremy. On the blue team is Sarah Lacina, Ben Driebergen, Sophie Clarke, Michele and Kim. For the challenge, the teams must swim to a net and untie the wooden fish that are hoisted up. They must then carry them back to shore. The net and wooden fish are very heavy. They have to then untie the fish from the net and place them on hooks. And of course, they must complete a puzzle to win.

The blue team was in the lead from the very beginning. The challenge was over in a matter of minutes. Again Sophie dominated the puzzle and wins immunity and Chinese takeout for her team. Sarah asks if she could give her reward to Nick because it’s his birthday. Adam is convinced this is a strategic move. He calls it a mistake. The general consensus back at camp is that Sarah made a huge mistake giving Nick her reward. After the winning team eats their food, Michele finds Parvarti’s advantage in her bag back at camp. She trades in all four of her fire tokens in exchange for the advantage.

The Immunity Challenge Tested The Players Balancing Skills

The contestants head to the immunity challenge. For this challenge, the players must stand with their feet perched on a pyramid-shaped platform. Every ten minutes they will be required to move both of their feet up to a higher level of the perch. This will mark the start of each new round. Michele falls almost immediately at the start of round one. Denise follows shortly after. Jeremy continues to keep his balance and saves himself from falling quite a few times. Tyson and Tony are out in round two along with Jeremy who shockingly falls. They then move on to the narrow top perch for round three. Adam, Sophie, Nick and Sarah fall immediately. Ben and Kim battle for the win but in the end, Kim wins immunity and a fire token.

Back at camp, there is a general consensus to send home Sarah. However, Kim does not want to vote out Sarah. Tyson and Kim speak about voting out either Adam or Nick. Tyson goes around camp telling people to vote for Adam. This turns camp into pure chaos as we then start to hear everyone’s name being thrown out. Cue the confusing montage of people talking about who they want to vote out. Adam says that he might have to play the idol that he sees at tribal council once he gets there.

Adam Tries To Play The Idol He Found At Tribal Council

The players immediately begin to whisper to each other at tribal council. It seems like everyone wants to know who Jeremy is voting for. Nick and Adam whisper to each other about voting out Sarah. Ben and Adam get into a fight at tribal and argue about being untrustworthy with each other. Adam asks why people are whispering.

Before the votes are read, Adam walks over to Jeff’s podium and tries to toggle off the object that he thinks is a hidden immunity idol. Jeff questions his actions. Adam says that he would like to play the object as a hidden immunity idol. Jeff says that this would be a Survivor first if the object is in fact an idol. Jeff leaves us with anticipation until he finally reveals that it is actually NOT a hidden immunity idol! The players are hysterical and think the whole situation was hilarious. So there is no shock here that Adam was voted out of the game and is headed to the Edge of Extinction.

On his way out, Adam yields his fire token to Denise.


It seems like the players will be making power moves in next week’s episode and are planning to possibly blindside Jeremy. What did you think about Adam’s immunity idol blunder? Do you think he has a chance of earning his way back into the game? Tune in next week to find out.

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