Survivor: Players Who DESERVE a Second Chance!

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In an interview with ET Canada, Survivor host Jeff Probst mentioned that the production team would love to do another Second Chances season. So, we decided to look back at six players, three male and three female, we think deserve a second chance at becoming Sole Survivor!

Note: Players that have won or played more than twice aren’t eligible to be chosen.

Male Second Chance Picks

Michael Yerger – Survivor: Ghost Island

The twist elimination of Michael Yerger from Survivor: Ghost Island.

Michael Yerger came in ninth place on Survivor: Ghost Island, but he absolutely deserves a second chance! One of the youngest players in the history of Survivor, he quickly made a splash by finding two Hidden Immunity Idols. In fact, Michael holds the record for youngest player to ever find an idol, at the age of eighteen.

Michael would go onto unsuccessfully play one of his idols on Stephanie Johnson and successfully play one on himself. Sadly, while he showed himself to be an extremely competent strategic player, he was eliminated due to a double tribal council twist.

Ken Hoang – Survivor: Gabon

Ken’s elimination near the end of Survivor: Gabon.

While Survivor: Gabon isn’t always looked upon fondly, Ken Hoang is probably one of the biggest bright spots in the season. A very strong strategic player, Ken’s strongest ability was his power of persuasion. Taking out several power players, like Ace Gordon, Marcus Lehman and Corinne Kaplan, Ken played one of the best games in his season.

Ken’s one weakness was his over-confidence, which ended up getting him blindsided by Sugar Kiper and her alliance. However, if Ken tweaked just a bit more of his game, he could be a Sole Survivor.

Rodney Lavoie Jr. – Survivor: Worlds Apart

Rodney lost a Final Tribal Council fire-making challenge to Carolyn, resulting in his elimination.

Controversial, but Rodney was probably the strongest player in Worlds Apart, excluding Carolyn Rivera. Controlling the dominant Escameca alliance, had Rodney made it to the end, he had a very strong chance of winning. Sadly, he lost a fire-making challenge in the final four, ultimately making him the last jury member.

Rodney’s fatal flaw was targeting Carolyn too early, ultimately leading her to flip against him. Rodney barely missed out on Final Tribal Council last time, so I’d love to see him play again.

Female Second Chance Picks

Sierra Reed – Survivor: Tocantins

Sierra’s elimination in Survivor: Tocantins.

My Lord, can she please come back! Sierra was a member of the Timbira tribe, which had the numbers over the Jalapao tribe at the merge of Tocantins. After entering a cross-tribe alliance, she was blindsided by the elimination of her closest ally, Brendan Synnott. Then, she was bullied by Tyson Apostol for targeting Coach Wade, causing her to become popular with the fans.

Ultimately, Sierra was eliminated in seventh place, after telling her bullies that she was interested in aligning them. She’d make a lovely returning player, and we’d love for her to get a second chance.

Lisa Whelchel – Survivor: Philippines

Jonathan Penner’s jury speech, in which Lisa counteracts her previous fame.

Former The Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel made a huge splash in her appearance on Philippines. Never going to Tribal Council before the merge, Lisa made several smart decisions during her time on the show. Notably, she flipped to a six-person alliance that she ultimately ended up on top of.

Lisa made it to the Final Tribal Council, and even found a way to negate her previous fame when confronted by it. However, while she didn’t win Sole Survivor, she did win the Player of the Season award, giving her a strong claim as a returning player.

Mari Takahashi – Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X

When picking names for this article, the first name I knew that would be included was Mari Takahashi. While she may have placed nineteenth on MvGX, her time on the show was FULL of potential.

So, Mari targeted Figgy Figueroa and Taylor Stocker due to their relationship on the season. Shockingly, the tribe turned on Mari for LEGITIMATELY no reason, ousting her from the game. However, Mari’s strong social perception, plus her strong strategic mind puts her as a future Sole Survivor in my book.

So, who are your picks for a future Second Chance season? Let us know in the comments down below! Also, check out our post of the five most serious moments from the show here. Survivor airs on CBS every Wednesday at 8/7 Central.

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