Stunning 21-Year-Old Single Mom Breaks Down Crying — WATCH What Simon Cowell Does Next

Single Mom Bursts Into Tears In One Of Simon Cowell's Favorite

Paige Thomas already had a fan in Simon Cowell before she even sang during her ‘X Factor’ audition. Simon complimented the 21-year-old single mom on her incredible personal style. Her audition got a bit emotional but also completely blew the judges away. Check it out below.

Simon Cowell Was Impressed With Paige Thomas During ‘X Factor’ Audition

Simon asked Paige if she has ever tried to pursue a recording contract before. She explained that she has been going to school for nursing as it is a more stable career to provide for her and her daughter. This led to her getting emotional thinking about how happy she was to be on the stage finally and what it would mean for her and her daughter if she were to win the show.

For her audition, she sang “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige. It was easy to see that the judges were all impressed with her vocal capability. She cried once again after performing as the audience stood up on their feet.


“Paige what I love about you isn’t just the fact that you look and sound like a pop star…it’s that you’ve got this beautiful kid, you’ve got a responsibility and you’re taking that seriously, and that all wrapped up together is why this is one of my favorite ever auditions because it’s you.” He went on to call her “special.” She received four “yes’s” from the judges. Have you seen the compilation of contestants that were bullied growing up and how they used that to fuel their talent?

She developed a bit of a rivalry with fellow contestant CeCe Frey during Bootcamp when they both sang “I Will Always Love You.” The pair later did a duet of “Secrets” before making it to the judge’s houses.

Paige was mentored by Demi Lovato throughout the competition. One of her most memorable performances was when she took on the song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” She made it all the way to week five of the live shows before she was eliminated from the competition, finishing in eighth place. “I would have absolutely loved to work with L.A. just because he signs the type of artists that I am all the time,” she said when asked if she would have liked to work with any of the other judges on the show. “He works with the type of artists that I am on a regular basis.”

Where Is Paige Now?

After appearing on The X Factor, Paige got to work with choreographer and singer Todrick Hall on one of his viral YouTube videos to the Beyonce song “Grown Woman.” She also collaborated on other videos with Todrick in 2013.

Paige announced the birth of her second child Zeplyn on Instagram in 2016. She also got married and welcomed a third child, Race Hendrix in early 2020.

Paige also has a YouTube channel but hasn’t posted much on it for the past six years. However, she does seem like she is living a blissful life as a wife and mom of three.


What did you think of Paige’s audition for The X Factor?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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