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Stephanie Rice: A Rising Star Finding Her Voice On “The Voice”



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Stephanie Rice, the 27-year old star, got the attention of the fans the moment she stepped onto The Voice stage and delivered her blind Joplin-esque audition rendition of Piece By Piece by Kelly Clarkson.

Her unique singing style and her powerful voice not only impressed the judges but also triggered a touching response from Kelly Clarkson who tweeted “Can’t. Stop. Crying.”

Blake Shelton complimented the Houston native by saying that she sang the song as if it were her own. She explained, getting choked up,

“My father is a pastor, and they disowned me. And I’ve been taking that brokenness and emotion, I’ve been channeling it into the only form I knew how, which is through music.”

Gwen Stefani was fighting for her to be be on her team and commented, “You look like a star up there.” Gwen was ultimately picked by Stephanie as her coach.

Rice’s background and coming out

Stephanie Rice grew up in a very religious household. She was always good at academics and sports. Rice realized her passion for music at a young age when she performed in the church with her mother in seventh grade. At age 17, her father, a pastor, found the love letters which Stephanie had written to other girls. Under pressure from the non-acceptance of her sexuality and her father’s threats, she kept her feelings suppressed until the next year. When she turned 18, she came out as gay which her parents did not take well. They later disowned her.

Her biology degree from Baylor University got her a job as a published author in the International AIDS Society. She then found the love of her life, Janeth, to whom she is happily engaged. The couple has put off the wedding for a while so that Stephanie can move forward with her music career, which takes up a lot of her time and focus. During her dark days she used her passion for music as a way to channel her emotional outbursts and breakdowns.

The breakout performance

Her breakout performance on The Voice had fans from all across the country cheering her on. She not only impressed Kelly Clarkson. Two coaches turned around their chairs within 30 seconds, with Blake Shelton turning at the 20-second mark and Gwen Stefani followed him after 10 seconds. The other coaches were also in awe of her performance. Her emotional experience could be felt in her confident and exceptional voice. Stephanie Rice’s fan following has been increasing and her name has been going viral on the Internet since this performance. Her story of how she lived through the tough times by hanging on to her passion led to a flood of reaction from people all across the country.

Her journey on the show

Stephanie went on to succeed in the battles but lost in the knockouts part of the show.

Alicia Keys stepped in and used her privilege to steal her. Stephanie then worked with Alicia, which showed on her later performance during the “The Live Playoffs”. An emotional rendition of Every Breath You Take by The Police blew the audience away. It was from the heart. She didn’t get the votes, but her coach Alicia saved her again and elevated her to the top 12. She then found herself in the bottom two with Mark Isaiah who was saved by the #save vote and that was the end of Stephanie’s journey on the show.

Life after ‘The Voice’

As soon as Stephanie stepped away from the show she did not waste a minute. She got into high gear to seize her new notoriety in order to advance in the music industry. She keeps on hinting on social media that a record is in the making as well as a music video. She also re-united with her Houston based band Colonial Blue, doing gigs all over the Houston area and beyond. We will have to wait and see how far she will get, but one thing is certain, she is an amazing talent and has already inspired millions.

You can meet Stephanie at her homecoming concert at Scottie’s Grill in Texarkana, Texas on June 16, 2017. For more info:


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