Sophia James Speaks Out After Twerking On DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live — After He Begged Her To Stop

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Everybody knows that DJ Khaled is a family man. It makes sense why he was shocked to find a woman twerking on his Instagram Live recently. Khaled tried to tell her that he did not want to see her doing that. It seems like the message got lost in translation. Now, the woman, Sophia James, is speaking out about how it was all just a misunderstanding.

Sophia James Finally Spoke Out About DJ Khaled

In the Instagram Live video, Khaled covers his eyes as he tries to tell James that he does not want to see her twerking. Out of respect for his family, he did not want to look at another woman dancing provocatively. He kept uttering the words “no, I got love” and “I can’t.” He wanted her to talk to him “normal.” But James was not listening. She continued twerking and even began to pour water on herself before Khaled took her off the screen. Khaled’s facial expressions were of shock and dismay.

Now, she is speaking out because she respects “Khaled and his beautiful wife and family.” She thought that DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live was similar to rapper Tory Lanez’s Instagram Live. Tory Lanez often hosts twerking contests on his show called “Quarantine Radio.” Lanez was even banned for a little while for featuring nudity on his show. James definitely took her twerking talents to the wrong Instagram Live session.

Who Is Sophia James?

James is a model but often posts provocative pictures on Twitter. Her Instagram has since been made private after the whole Khaled incident. She has an OnlyFans account in which she tells followers to subscribe to see NSFW content. She charges $5 for each subscription. It seems like this is how James earns a living.


In the Instagram Live appearance, James wore a tiny white bikini top that barely fit over her breasts. The interesting thing is she posted a picture on Twitter wearing the same bikini top and urged fans to check out her OnlyFans account. It honestly seems like she could’ve planned the Instagram Live appearance to get more subscribers to her OnlyFans account. It would be an obvious avenue to make more money. She even told The Shade Room that she now has rappers reaching out to her in her DM’s.

DJ Khaled Fans Think Sophia James Knew What She Was Doing All Along

People think that James was using this as a tactic to get more exposure. “There’s no way you respect his family by doing all that. If so tell me How?” asked one Instagram user. And they are right because James knew DJ Khaled had a son and a wife before she began twerking. Another comment said, “So she didn’t hear him say STOP one of those million times he said it.” This is another valid point because he did tell her to stop numerous times. She even laughed when he was telling her to stop at one point. People seemed to agree with this point as another Instagram user said: “Girl bye how many times did he say it and she kept going?” Khaled then posted about the incident on Instagram.

His caption said “I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please let’s be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP !”


Do you think Sophia James purposefully twerked on DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live?


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