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‘Songland’ Julia Michaels Recap: This New Heartfelt Song Will Make You CRY

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Songwriter Julia Michaels is looking for a new innovative song written by someone else for the first time ever. She has written all of her iconic hits including her triple-platinum song “Issues.” Julia is one of the most sought after songwriters in the entire world. Here is what happened when Julia came to Songland.

Dan Burke Brings A New Alternative Flavor to ‘Songland’

Dan Burke Currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He is the frontman of the band Twenty Love. He has a very unique style and tone to his voice. His song “Numb” is a wake-up call. He scrolls on social media and watches the news and sees terrible things that are going on but he really doesn’t do anything about it. Dan thinks the song really fits Julia’s way of portraying a story. Julia thinks the song is very personal to Dan so she has to find a way to make it personal to her. The producers feel like they can cut back on some of the guitar in the song. Ryan Tedder called the song “different and weird.” He will be moving on to work with Ester.


Keegan Bost Has Julia Michaels Singing His Melodic Praises

Keegan Bost is a 20-year-old from Alabama. He started off as a singer but realized he wanted to pursue a career as a songwriter. Keegan auditioned for The Voice during seasons eight and nine. He was inspired by the artists he saw in season one of Songland to send in some songs. His song is called “Glad You Came.” It’s about locking eyes with a girl across the room and shooting your shot. Ester Dean thinks they will have to bring some “feminine” and “sexy” into the song. However, Julia said that although the song is awesome, she doesn’t know if she can picture herself singing it. She loves the melody but thinks all of the lyrics could be changed and applied to her. He will be moving on to work with Ryan.

Jenna Lotti Has An Emotional Song That She Feels Relates To Julia Michaels

Jenna is a songwriter from Los Angeles. She originally started writing poetry and then turned it into songs. Jenna is very open with her struggles with anxiety and depression. Songwriting helps her cope with her emotions. She has previously released two albums in the past. Her song is called “Sad Girls” and she thinks Julia will really be able to relate to it. Immediately, Jenna and Julia bonded and established a strong personal connection. Julia likes that the song is really deep but she thinks some syllables are missing in the first chorus. The producers love the phrasing of the lyrics in the song. Ester wants the song to come back around and bring people’s spirits back up. Shane McAnally said the song made him feel like a “sad girl” and went on to say that it was “extraordinary.” She will be moving on to work with Shane.

Jeremy Shayne Is Already A Successful Artist

Jeremy Shane is from Beirut, Lebanon. He started off streaming on YouNow in 2014. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full time. His music has over 5 million streams on Spotify so it’s safe to say that he is an incredible songwriter. His song “Too Late” is about him begging a girl to take him back. He thinks the song is perfect for Julia because it’s a very conversational song. Shane said that some of the lyrics should be heightened because they are already great. Julia thinks small changes are needed to give the song more movement. Unfortunately, Jeremy was not chosen to work with the producers because Julia felt like some of the rhythms were too familiar.

Jenna Lotti (With Shan McAnally)

Shane thinks the song is an anthem. He wants people to raise their glasses to all of the “sad girls.” Shane does not usually like songs that start with the chorus because he feels like it gives the song away. He wants to find a different way to start off the song. They work on making the song more honest and even more relatable to Julia. The phrasing in the new version of the song is definitely more of Julia’s style.

Keegan Bost (With Ryan Tedder)

Ryan feels that the lyrics need a total overhaul. They are not only rewriting the lyrics but they are changing the entire production of the song. The new version of the song is totally different than the first version. Keegan played guitar with new chords while another vocalist sang the song. Julia says that she would still change some of the lyrics but loves that the new song is a perfect combination of emotional lyrics mixed with relatable lyrics. The song title was actually changed to “Give It To You.”

Dan Burke (With Ester Dean)

Ester thinks the production needs to match the lyrics by refining them. She wants to add a drop in the music. The story needs to be started off right lyrically. The new version of the song is much more observant as opposed to intimate. The beginning of the song sounds exactly like something Julia would sing. The beat drop in the song is super unique and different. Julia loves the production of the song and feels like the lyrics were really brought to life.

And The Winning Song Is…

“Give It To You” by Keegan Bost and Ryan Tedder! This song literally went through a whole entire transformation. But in the end, it was the song that sounded the most like something Julia Michaels would sing. She did end up changing some lyrics around but the song is amazing and you have to hear it.


Tune in to next week’s episode to see country duo Florida Georgia Line come to Songland.

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