‘Songland’ Ben Platt Recap: This Broadway Star Just Found His Next Big Showstopping Hit

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Whether it’s dominating the Broadway stage or the Pitch Perfect movie franchise, Ben Platt has a voice that is unlike any other. The star of the hit Netflix show The Politician came to Songland looking for something totally new and fresh for his powerful voice. He wants something more along the lines of the pop route. Keep reading to find which song he chose to record.

Caroline Kole Has A Fresh Unique Style That Ben Platt Loves

Caroline Kole is a country artist that has had some major success in the music industry. She has actually gone on tour with Reba McEntire and the king of The Voice, Blake Shelton. This is thanks to traveling to Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world since she was a little girl and she eventually moved there. Her song “Fools Gold” is definitely a hit with the producers and Ben. He calls the melodies “very gorgeous.” Shane McAnally says that he is really impressed with the phrasing and how she placed the words in the song.

Shane does say that her use of the word “we” makes it sound like a relationship song so they can definitely change some more of the words around for it to better reflect this. Ryan Tedder says that he thinks the song goes “too Broadway.” He suggests that they bring the song down a little bit. All of the producers agree that there is no song out there that sounds quite like this one and that it is “fresh.” She will be moving on to work with Shane McAnally.


Anna Hamilton Had A Huge Breakthrough On YouTube Before ‘Songland’

Anna Hamilton is not only a singer-songwriter, but she is also a national water skiing competitor. She has been writing songs since she was just a little girl. She had major success with her cover of the song “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons that got over 30 million views on YouTube. Her song “Deathbed” is extremely unique. Shane says the song is so interesting and loves the sentiment of the song. Ryan loves the concept of the song but feels like it needs to end on a different word. Unfortunately, she will not be moving on to work with the producers.

David Davis Is Already A Star On The Rise Looking To Impress Ben Platt

David Davis has been dreaming of having a career in music since he was a child. He started off singing Motown music and performing at church. Several of his songs have been on hit television shows and he was even an opening act for John Legend. His song “Everything It Took To Get To You” is about the hardships and struggles it takes to be together with someone. Ben has the perfect emotion and vulnerability for a song like this. He really resonates to the song. Ryan says it is very relatable but thinks that David should not veer off from the melody. Shane loves the melodies in the first two lines of the chorus. The producers agree on changing a few lines just to make the story sharper and to get to the actual point of the song. He will be moving on to work with Ryan Tedder.

Kylie Rothfield Is Bringing A Mix Of Blues And Pop

You may remember Kylie Rothfield when she competed on season 11 of The Voice on Team Alicia Keys. She was eliminated in the playoffs round after singing the Rolling Stones’ song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” After a vocal hemorrhage that left her unable to speak for a month, she began songwriting as she healed and looked towards making music again. Her song called “Lonely” is about being in a big city but still feeling lonely. Shane says the song took his breath away. Ben says the song could be a bit more introspective. Ryan does not want the production to get in the way of the song because Ben has such a strong voice. Shane thinks the second stanza could be about New York City. She will be moving on to work with Ester Dean.

Caroline Kole (With Shane McAnally)

Ben really wants to bring the line about rainbows into the song more. Shane loves the melody but wants to work on the lyrics. Ben completely relates to the song and thinks the new narrative of the song is very clear. Ryan loves the craftsmanship of the song, which we all know Shane is a master at.

David Davis (With Ryan Tedder)

Ben loves the soul in the song. Ryan likes the chords and melodies in it but wants to finalize the lyrics so that the last line of the song packs a punch. He also wants to add a choir to it. The new song is a lot more emotional and delivers that power ballad that Ben can absolutely slay. The addition of the choir really adds a lot of power and depth to the song. Ben loves the lyric changes the most and the gospel feel. The story of the song has definitely become more clear and it is yet another case of the Songland producers tailoring the song to the artist.

Kylie Rothfield (With Ester Dean)

Ben thinks the lyrics can be more fine-tuned to make it about a relationship. Ester wants to add more depth to the song and work on breaking out into the chorus. The theme now in the song is that the person from your past is now a ghost. The title is now fittingly “Ghost.” It is very clear that Ben loves the new version of this amazing tune and even got goosebumps. He says the song is really “special” and “amazing.” This song genuinely seems like it is the frontrunner.

And The Winning Song Is…

“Everything It Took To Get To You” by David Davis and Ryan Tedder! The melodies and lyrics really captured Ben’s attention. For Ben Platt, the song feels like his already and Ryan did a good job tailoring the song to him. And of course, he can literally sing everything perfectly and you have to check out his rendition of the song below. He can hit any note in the book and always delivers an emotional heartfelt performance.


It was really an absolute joy seeing Ben Platt on the show being that he is such a huge star in the music world and is only an Oscar away from winning an EGOT.


Tune in next week to the Songland finale to see superstar Usher find his next big hit.

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