The X Factor UK

Slavko Kalezic On ‘The X Factor UK’ Needs To Get His Weave Game Correct

One of our favorite contestants on The X Factor UK this year is Slavko Kalezic from Montenegro. We interviewed him this past summer about his experience auditioning for the show and we couldn’t wait until he performed. He did not disappoint. One of the biggest parts of his act, (Simon would say gimmick), is that he swings his long ponytail around like a whip while he dances. That went spectacularly wrong on Saturday.

Slavko’s gorgeous ponytail, which is his spirit animal, came off in the middle of the performance. This might have endeared him to the crowd and judges but it looked bad. No one wants to see a piece of weave crawling around on the floor like some hairy snake. Besides the fact that he should get a good extension because he’s on an international stage, he needs to reinforce it so it doesn’t come off seeing as it’s such a crucial part of his act. Maybe he should shampoo with Crazy Glue.

I only say this Slavko because we love you and we want you to become the superstar that you should be. You should be selling out every cabaret and dance club in Vegas.