Singer Faouzia Had Goosebumps Watching Danelyia Tuleshova’s Song Cover On ‘AGT’

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Danelyia Tuleshova delivered a sensational performance during week three of the America’s Got Talent auditions. All four of the judges were absolutely blown away by her strong vocals and delivery of the song “Tears of Gold” by Faouzia. And, Faouzia herself had tons of praise for the 13-year-old Kazakh singer after tuning in to the performance. Check out her showstopping performance below!

Danelyia Tuleshova Crushed Her Performance Of “Tears Of Gold”

In an Instagram Story shared with her 1.7 million followers, Faouzia posted a video of Danelyia’s audition. It was very special to her that she chose to sing one of the Moroccan singer’s songs on this huge stage. She called her a “powerhouse.” Faouzia also said that it was an “amazing performance.” What a huge compliment coming from the artist of the song that Danelyia decided to sing for the audition that will probably change her life forever. And we would have to agree that it was one of the best and most memorable performances of the night.


Danelyia reposted the story on her page and wrote “OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU.” She was clearly excited to see that this sensational artist appreciated her cover of the song. And it was no surprise that Danelyia will be moving on to the next stage of the competition after getting rave reviews from the judges. Simon Cowell said that Danelyia is the future of music and something tells us that she would be exactly the kind of artist that he would sign to Syco Records in the future. Let’s all speak this prediction into existence so we can hear more of Danelyia’s incredible voice for years to come.

Who Is This Stunning Moroccan Artist?

Faouzia is pretty new on the music scene. At only 19 years old, Foauzia has already collaborated with David Guetta and Kelly Clarkson on two incredible songs. She was born in  Casablanca, Morocco and is also Canadian. She speaks English, Arabic and French. Not only is she a vocalist, but a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist as well. A lot of her music is inspired by her Arabic roots. Her powerful vibrato will literally send shivers down your spine. Plus, look at her, she is absolutely gorgeous and easy on the eyes.

Her song “I Fly” with Galantis was just featured on the album for the new Scoob! movie. It was her first time ever being part of a movie soundtrack.

One thing that both Danelyia and Faouzia have in common is that they are both inspired by Ariana Grande and Beyonce. Rightfully so as both women are the queens of pop music and have been great role models for up and coming artists looking to make it big.


Not only are we looking forward to hearing more music from Danelyia, but from Fouazia as well as they are both taking over the music scene as stars on the rise.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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