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Explosive Leaked Footage! Simon Reveals Nicole’s Romance With A Contestant On ‘The X Factor UK’

Simon Cowell Reveals Nicole´s Biggest Secret on X Factor UK 2017!

Romance between a judge and a contestant in upcoming X Factor 2017?Simon Cowell Reveals Biggest Secret of X Factor UK 2017! :O

Posted by The Xtra Factor UK on Monday, August 28, 2017

Over time it is clear when a judge on The X Factor UK begins a friendship with a contestant. After several weeks of spending so much time together it is only natural. What has never happened on the show is a romance between a judge and a contestant…at least until now.

Before a taping of The X Factor UK, the judges come out on stage and talk to the audience to catch them up to speed on what’s going on and how the show will work. In this footage leaked on the internet, we see Simon Cowell going off script and dropping a bombshell revelation: judge Nicole Scherzinger has begun a budding romance with a contestant. He says this has never happened before in the history of the show. He even predicts an X Factor wedding in 12 months time. This in spite of the fact that Nicole is in a relationship with Grigor Dimitrov. Drama.

Of course, Nicole is no stranger to speculation that she’s becoming romantically involved with a contestant. Last year people were talking about her and Matt Terry possibly hooking up. They both denied it. Matt told OK! Magazine that she was more like a “Big Sister” and as for the rumor that they were sleeping with each other he said, “I wish! I think it’s more of a pat on the head and her saying: ‘Aww bless him,’ than anything else.”

There is also something about this year’s revelation that smacks of the truth. After all, these aren’t fan rumors. Simon publicly called her out on it. It’s possible that this is just a publicity stunt and that no romance is to be had. But there is also the serious question over whether if it’s true it is going to prejudice her as a judge. Remember, Matt Terry did win last year. Could her new bae win this year? That would be highly suspicious.

Simon doesn’t say which contestant it is. I want to believe it’s Danny Lambo because that would be hilarious. Because that guy…there are no words. It will be interesting to see what happens with this and how it will effect the show.