Simon Cowell’s First-Ever TikTok Dance Video Is Amazingly Awkward

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Simon Cowell is known for being a harsh critic and some of his remarks on awkward performances are legendary, so before we go any further, take a look at his highly uncomfortable TikTok dance, if we can call it that. You be the judge of it.

Now if it wasn’t for a good cause, I would go further and call out Mr. Nasty on this cringefest with David Walliams but once I realized what this is and what it stood for, I might have, maybe, melted a little. Just a bit.

Cancer Survivor Lily Douglas Made Simon Cowell Dance on TikTok

Scotland’s Lily Doughlas is a 12-year-old, who is being treated for a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. She has also taken it upon her little shoulders to spread awareness about childhood cancer.

In an interview with Daily Record, Lily says that her biggest achievement is getting Simon Cowell to dance for her. How did Simon hear of Lily? Well here is the full scoop for you.

Fellow Britain’s Got Talent show judge Alesha Dixon and her manager Malcolm Blair saw Lily’s story in the Sunday Mail and they were moved, so they invited Lily and her mother, Jane, to spend a weekend with them behind the scenes on The Greatest Dancer and then took them to BGT‘s set the following day.

That is when Simon called out for Lily and even invited her for the finale shooting of BGT in May. You go Mr. Nasty!

In the same interview, Lily explained how Simon came to be a part of her dance session “I asked Simon to be in TikTok with me. He said he would stand for me but didn’t want to dance. I didn’t think he would even get up and said the whole point is you have to dance.”

She added, “David Walliams said he had to, so the two of them did it for me. Then Simon pointed at me and gave me a score of 10. The judge of the biggest-ever talent show gave me 10 out of 10. I love him.

Although she was hanging out with the other judges, Lily had no idea that she will see Simon given how big of a star he is.

Lily is Simon’s Little ‘BGT’ Secret Keeper

“I thought he’d be busy but he walked into the room, came straight to me and spent about half an hour talking to me, showing me what was going on.”

Apparently Lily has all the inside information and knows a lot about what is going on in BGT and we can’t wait until she finally spills the beans. “He told me lots of secret stuff about who is going through and what is happening on Britain’s Got Talent but I’m sworn to secrecy. I’m not allowed to tell anyone,” she said.

Lily then got a grand tour of the Sony Music offices where Simon is based. This is what she said about the fun moment, “I saw Simon’s office and his awards – the Bafta was very cool.”

We hope Lily keeps doing well and can’t wait to catch her in BGT audience. Maybe after Eric, Simon does indeed have a soft spot for kids.

Simon Cowell’s Soft Spot For children

This isn’t the first time Simon has melted our hearts with his love for children. Simon broke down crying on the X Factor: Celebrity finale because all the donations collected for the song all the contestants sang went to a charity that helped children in hospices. He was so emotional after watching the video and hearing the song that he couldn’t even speak.

Is Mr. Nasty becoming Mr. Softy? We hope not and also kind of do, it’s complicated.

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