Simon Cowell Taps Leona Lewis As ‘X Factor: The Band’ Guest Judge

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X Factor: The Band premiers in just under a week on ITV & AXS TV. The show has just announced that Simon and Nicole won’t work entirely alone, there’s a very special figure that is also joining them.

Leona Lewis will be a guest judge on ‘X Factor: The Band’

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Leona Lewis was a guest during Judges Houses last year on X Factor

Well isn’t this exciting?! Leona knows just what it’s like to be a contestant on the show so it’s no surprise she’ll help out for Simon’s quick timed spin off show. When we say she ‘knows’, she really knows! Leona has been a guest on judges houses, performed with contestants at the final and let’s not forget, she won it too!

Do you remember Leona Louis’s breathtaking performance with Kodi lee on AGT?

‘X Factor: The Band’ – Destined for failure?

The easiest answer is probably. Judging by past ratings of both versions Cowell has tried, this new one isn’t looking too good either. We’re amazed we’re saying this but, there might need to be ANOTHER revamp of the show to suit the audience, if there’s even one left!


Our advice? Costumes, spinning chairs, some ice and possibly some buzzers?

Simon isn’t taking the low ratings lightly

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Cowell was a judge on ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ for the debut season alongside Nicole and Louis Walsh

You could say that, Cowell is furious behind the scenes, and why wouldn’t he be? The show that was once creating world superstars can’t even draw in 3 million viewers a night. An insider source recently said:

‘Simon has made it very clear he doesn’t want anybody wasting his time. He means business. He wants a new band for 2020. The contestants auditions have one chance and one chance only to impress the team.’

Read about why the ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ version of the show failed, HERE!

Promo for ‘X Factor: The Band’

Seen as the series will only consist of 4 episodes, time is limited to find a successful pop group. The insider source went on to say:

‘That’s why auditions took place at Simon’s record label, with auditions being across Syco – so that when people succeeded, everyone saw. The same when someone failed to impress. This isn’t a TV audition, it’s the biggest record label meeting the prospective artists could ever hope for.’


Yes, that’s right, auditions will be held at Simon’s very own record label location in the affluent area of Kensington in London.

‘Nicole and Simon have already started battling it out. There’s no room for niceties. Simon has encouraged his top music industry pals to say it how it is. This is bigger than a TV show, this is about finding groups that have the potential to make waves in the industry.’


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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