Simon Cowell Or Gordon Ramsay ⁠— Who Has The Best Insults Ever?

Gordon Ramsey and Simon Cowell Best Insults

Here is a list of epic burns by Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay. In case you don’t know, Simon Cowell is the king of talent shows like America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, AGT: Champions, American Idol, X factor, you get the drift? Gordon Ramsay on the other hand has comebacks that can be considered international treasures. He is the man behind Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, Hotel Hell, The F Word and yes, the man is SAVAGE. Now the question is, who is savager?

Let The Battle Of The Epic Blunt Brit Burns Commence

Gordon Ramsay: Best TV Insults Of All Times

  1. When he called the girl a sandwich. It is an oldie but I can never not laugh at it

2. When common sense was not her forte and Gordon made sure she knew it

3. When Gordon was well, just being himself

4. Brick chicken

5. She really does though, just look at her

6. When Ramsay could hear the squid

7. When the soup was dry. You heard it from Ramsay first.

8. Quack Quack

9. I mean, I do highly doubt that

10. Gordon, Paris Hilton is classy okay? Kinda-ish.

11. This is just sad.

12. Let it go, let it go, buh-bye.

13. Ouch.

14. Touchy subject Gordon, touchy subject.

15. This is the last one, I promise. For now.

Simon Cowell: Best TV Insults Of All Times

  1. Simon Cowell keeping it real in American idol

2. I would never want to audition in my life again in case I run into Simon Cowell

3. That’s some real tea that was spilled on American idol

4. At least she got complimented on her hair right?

5. That is just harsh.

6. I can hear the sirens as I read this.

7. Simon Cowell being Simon Cowell.

8. Simon Cowell giving some great advice to the world.

9. I mean this is not even about talent Simon! c’mon man.

10. A-Okay

11. He does love cats and cat comparisons

12. I hope the person hearing it is still alive.

Who do you think has the savagest burns of all times? Simon Cowell or Gordon Ramsay. Let us know in the poll below

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