Simon Cowell & Lauren Have Broken Up? Amanda Holden’s Daughter Spills The Tea

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Amanda Holden is continuously trying to keep fans entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. She took to Instagram Live to talk about her new song that is in support of NHS charities. The song “Over The Rainbow” is truly beautiful, but Holden’s daughter had another thing in mind that she wanted to focus on, Simon Cowell’s relationship.

During the Instagram Live session, Holden mentioned how she performed her song for Cowell at his house. Holden’s daughter, Hollie said that she thought Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman broke up. Holden then told her daughter “Don’t be stupid.” It was such a random remark that led to a lot of speculation about Cowell’s relationship. Maybe she knows something we don’t and you know how kids are, they just say anything. For now, we have no official comment from either of them yet.

Simon Cowell Is Still In A Long-Term Relationship

Cowell and Silverman have been dating for 11 years. They share a son, 6-year-old Eric, and are currently self-isolating in California. It genuinely seems like their relationship is stronger than ever. Holden cleared up her daughter’s confusion with The Sun. “Hollie last saw Lauren when she was about to board a plane back to America during BGT auditions to go visit her eldest son and so I can only presume that’s what made her – incorrectly – think about it.” Silverman has a 14-year-old son from a previous relationship and travels back and forth to see him. Hollie is only 8 years old so it’s natural for a child to be curious about things like this.


Holden said that she knows for a fact that the pair are still happily together. She said, “In fact, lovely Lauren, Simon’s girlfriend, sent me some lovely pictures of them cooking the other day. Simon’s quite good at cooking, I think.” Add cooking to the list of things that Cowell is good at including judging multiple reality talent competitions in two different countries.

Simon Cowell Wants Amanda Holden To Sing On The ‘BGT’ Live Shows

Holden also spoke on Instagram Live about a special opportunity that Cowell wants to give her. “Simon was very kind and he invited me to come and sing on Britain’s Got Talent live shows, which I still will do whenever that is.” This comes after Holden said she believes that the ‘BGT’ live shows will air on television this fall. The main reason why she thinks this will be the case is that the show relies heavily on having a live audience. She said it is all about the “atmosphere” and audience reactions certainly do make shows like this more exciting and add to the hype. Regardless of when the live shows start airing, we are so excited to see Holden perform her song on the ‘BGT’ stage.


Holden called the experience singing in front of Cowell “one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done in my whole of my life. It was like the opening night of a West End show.” This makes sense considering how important Cowell is in the music industry and how he opens doors for so many artists.

Amanda Has Been Voicing Her Excitement For This Song On Social Media

Holden posted the video to the song on Instagram and said “I recorded the song last year and the video gives a behind the scenes look into that studio session, which was so exciting because this song is so special to me. There’s also cameos from people all over the UK paying tribute to our wonderful NHS workers…. plus a very very very special appearance by my hero Captain Tom Moore.” Moore is a 100-year-old war veteran that raised over $15.1 million for the NHS in his own backyard.

In another Instagram post, Holden said that “Over the Rainbow” is a song that she loves to sing with her two daughters.

She continued, “Lyrically it feels more relevant now than ever so I decided to release this with @marksandspencer. M&S designed a special rainbow t-shirt with 100% of the profits going to @nhscharitiestogether. I’ve used this as the inspiration for the single artwork.”

Proceeds from the song and the shirts sold will go to workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

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