Got Talent

Simon Cowell Chokes Up At Evie Clair’s Emotional Performance

Simon Cowell is known as the toughest judge in reality TV. He’s softened a bit in the last few years, but he can still be kind of a stick-in-the-mud. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion, all English-like. But on last night’s first semi-finals show on America’s Got Talent he choked up at Evie Clair’s stellar performance.

Evie Clair’s dad is very sick and has been in the hospital the whole time that Evie has been on America’s Got Talent. She is doing all of this, in large part, to make her dear old dad proud. Maybe it was the dad angle or perhaps it was just how beautiful her singing was, but Simon got a lump in his throat and quickly tamped down his emotions with his British repression. But it was too late. We all saw it, Simon. You, much like the Grinch, do have a heart after all.

Of course, you would have to be a robot to have not felt something. Evie’s piano playing, her voice, and the emotion of the performance were all the best we’ve seen from her. I am almost certain that America will feel the same way and advance her to the finals. I would be very surprised if that didn’t happen.