Simon Cowell Can’t Watch This Bizzare ‘America’s Got Talent’ Kissing Act [VIDEO]

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Simon Cowell was not feeling the love during Marco Ticli and Elisa Bazzocchi’s America’s Got Talent audition. The pair performed a bizarre kissing dance routine that Simon seriously could not bear to watch. See his epic reaction to their 2019 audition down below.

Simon Cowell Was Not A Fan Of Marco Ticli and Elisa Bazzocchi‘s Act

After a montage of couples kissing and judge Howie Mandel declaring that “love is in the air,” hopes were high for Marco and Elisa’s act on America’s Got Talent. The couple started off the routine with a passionate kiss and nobody knew what would happen next. They launched into a routine full of balancing, acrobatics and dancing. The entire time they kept their lips locked in a passionate kiss.

Each one of the judges was extremely confused. Howie gestured that he was a bit confused while Gabrielle Union basically had a question mark written on her face. Simon had his eyes shut and could not even look at the performance. Marco swung Elisa around and still managed to keep his lips firmly planted on hers. Members of the audience had their hands covering their mouths in disbelief and others were hysterically laughing due to secondhand embarrassment.


At the very last second, Simon hit his red buzzer. The couple shared one last kiss at the end of the performance. Simon jokingly asked Howie if he would like to try that routine with him. Howie laughed and said “not in front of all of these people.”

“I found that quite uncomfortable,” Simon said. Howie and Simon both voted “no.” Judge Julianne Hough tried to vouch for the act saying they would probably do something different in their next performance. Howie joked that he did not want to see them go past first base on the America’s Got Talent stage so they, unfortunately, did not make it to the next round.

Marco And Elisa Have Taken Their Act To Several ‘Got Talent’ Shows

America’s Got Talent was not the only show that Marco and Elisa have performed their kissing act on. They performed on Italia’s Got Talent in 2016. They were one of the finalists in the competition.

They also auditioned for France’s Got Talent in 2018 and made it to the Semi-Finals. The couple auditioned for Germany’s Got Talent as well but they were eliminated in the audition round.

If you found this act to be a little bit cringeworthy, check out the compilation below. This is not the first time Simon could not bare to watch an act, and these dancers aren’t the only ones to make him feel uncomfortable.

Where Are They Now?

After appearing on America’s Got Talent, it looks like Marco and Elisa are still together. Marco keeps sharing throwback pictures of the couples travels from 2010 on Instagram.

They both participated in a performance for Circ’opificio, a circus and performing arts school in late 2019. Other than that, not much has been posted in recent months on the Instagram page that the two share together.


Were you following Simon’s lead and shutting your eyes during Marco and Elisa’s America’s Got Talent audition?


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