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Simon Cowell Called Contestant ‘Nightmare’ And Years Later, She Kills Herself

Samantha Agate
2 months

Ariel Burdett described herself as a holistic vocal coach when she charged into the room during her ‘X Factor’ audition in 2008. “I’m not a number, I’m a human being,” she said as she ripped off her contestant number. The judges were confused from the beginning about what exactly was going on during this audition so take a look for yourself.

Simon Cowell Had Verbal Sparring Match With Ariel Burdett On ‘The X Factor’

The look on Simon Cowell’s face throughout the entire audition was priceless. He was a mixture between confused and entertained. Simon wanted to know more about Ariel’s job. “I take into account people’s body, people’s emotions, people’s thoughts and people’s energy,” Ariel said explaining her job to Simon. When judge Cheryl Cole asked Ariel to stand on the X mark on the floor she rolled her eyes and said she just wanted to get on with singing. She launched into a song about The X Factor that was full of crazy notes. “That was a complete and utter nightmare,” Simon said. Cheryl said the entire performance was “quite scary.” Simon continued on saying “I don’t care what you were trying to do it was just horrific. The song was atrocious.” Simon even went as far as to comment on Ariel’s hair as the two continued their verbal spat.


Ariel intended for her performance to feature different voices and tones to show her versatility. Before leaving the room, Ariel decided to sing a little advice for the judges. They couldn’t hold back their laughter. “You’re stupid,” she said before being escorted out by security. Afterward, the judges realized they didn’t even get to vote on whether or not they wanted Ariel to go through to the next round. But, the answer was definitely obvious.

Life After The Show Leading Up To Her Tragic Death

After appearing on The X Factor Ariel’s audition was remembered by many for her outlandish behavior. Others praised her for being herself. Years after appearing on the show she changed her stage name to Arabella Starchild. She began posting covers on YouTube. In one of her YouTube comments, she said that The X Factor “is entirely scripted.”

But in the Winter of 2019, news began circulating that Ariel had tragically passed away. Ariel was found dead with a stab wound to the neck in her Leeds, England apartment. after her family and friends grew concerned when they hadn’t heard from her for a few days. She was 38 years old. Several tributes on social media said that she struggled before her death with regrets of auditioning and going viral for the wrong reasons.


Andrew Smalling one of her friends said: “I think she regretted appearing on ‘X Factor’ because she’s actually a decent musician and it sort of tainted her.” Euro Weekly reported at the time that her death was “likely suicide.”

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