Simon Cowell Apologized?! Here’s What He Said To ‘BGT’ Winner Jai McDowall

We can hardly believe it, but Simon Cowell has apologized to a former BGT winner whom he previously criticized. Jai McDowall, a Scottish singer who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2011, returned to the show for the Champions season. He and Simon settled their disagreements.

Jai will appear on this Saturday’s new episode of BGT: The Champions. Not only did Simon seem to change his tune about the singer’s talent, but he also spoke to The Sun about it in a new interview.

Simon Cowell Vs. Jai McDowall

Simon wasn’t too pleased with Jai’s win on the show. In fact, he even said Jai wasn’t one of the show’s “best” winners, and dropped him from his record label Syco after his first album produced disappointing sales.

Jai’s win came as a surprise at the time, as runner-up Ronan Parke (a then-12-year-old singer) was the favorite to win the show. Simon said he was “disappointed” with Jai, and believed he wasn’t a “genuine star.”

“You want to find someone who is a star all over the world and who has got a long career,” Simon said at the time, according to Metro. Jai later accused Simon of being “anti-Scottish.”

Simon Cowell Apologizes To Jai McDowall

“I did feel when I saw him again that he’s the definition of a proud man. He didn’t sulk — he just came back to prove a point. And he did,” Simon told The Sun of Jai’s Champions appearance.

“I knew I had to apologise to him at that moment,” he added. “It gave me a chance to say something publicly I should have said some time ago.” He said he admired Jai’s “guts” for coming back on the show despite Simon’s previous lack of support.

“I thought, ‘Good for you — you did very well’. I think he’ll get a lot of work off the back of this show,” Simon said.

Simon Cowell Gives Jai A Standing Ovation

Simon enjoyed Jai’s latest performance so much, he reportedly gave the singer a standing ovation. Jai was apparently touched by the gesture, and it looks like these two may have finally buried the hatchet.

“You have no idea how much that means — thank you,” Jai told Simon, according to The Sun. Thank you very much, Simon, for everything the show has given me. It has given me the lifestyle I can be happy about and the ability to follow my dreams — and I am so thankful for that.”

Tune in to ITV this Saturday night to watch the latest episode of BGT: The Champions and see if Jai’s performance was enough to send him to the finals.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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