Shy 11-Year-Old Girl Proves American Country Singers Are Not To Be Underestimated On ‘AGT’ [VIDEO]

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Chloe Channell was just 11 years old when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent with her huge voice. This tomboy loved going outside and hunting and going back to her country roots. Chloe even said that if she won the show and the $1 million prize, she would buy a new hunting camp. Chloe sang “All American Girl” by the queen of country herself, American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

Chloe Channell Brought The Country Vibes To ‘AGT’ With Carrie Underwood Classic

During her ‘AGT’ audition, Chloe let her spunky personality shine. She always had a love for singing since she was seven years old and it became clear during her performance. “I had to actually remind myself that you’re only 11 years old and girl you can sing, you can really sing,” Mel B said. “I believe that you young lady have a career ahead of you,” Howie Mandel said. “You’re going to be able to afford guns and tents there’s going to be all that. Dead animals any little girl could hope for.” Howard Stern said that sometimes kids are too young for America’s Got Talent and cry when they face rejection. Luckily he thought Chloe’s singing was “terrific.” Heidi Klum said it was about time that another child won the show since at the time, the only kid winner was season one’s, Bianca Ryan.


If you are curious about what Bianca is up to now, you can check out the What’s Hot Video below where we go in-depth about all of the lives of the America’s Got Talent winners. There have been other kid winners of the show as Heidi predicted including fan-favorite Grace Vanderwaal so definitely take a look. Chloe was looking to join this list of winners after her incredible audition.

Chloe received four yes’s and was sent into the Vegas Round where she sang “Turn on Your Radio.” Her performance was strong enough for her to make it into the Quarterfinals where she sang The Band Perry’s “Done.” In the end, Chloe was forced into the Judge’s Choice where they had to choose to keep her or eventual runner up Taylor Williamson. A tie between the judge’s votes forced the decision into America’s hands. They decided to send Chloe home, ending her America’s Got Talent journey.

Where is Chloe Now?

Following in Carrie Underwood’s footsteps, Chloe went on to compete on American Idol. She auditioned for both season 17 and season 18. She was cut during the Hollywood Rounds both times. Her first audition was pretty memorable as she brought country superstar Billy Dean to play the guitar. Luke Bryan was particularly pumped up to see Billy who has had tons of country hits in the past.

Chloe posted a video on Instagram showing some behind the scenes footage from her time on American Idol. She said that though she was grateful for the experience and met many amazing people, she will not be trying out for the show again.

Chloe has a YouTube channel with over 41,000 subscribers where she posts covers and originals.

She also released her five song EP called “Walls” featuring songs she wrote and recorded in Nashville in 2017.

She just recently posted on Instagram that she made the exciting move to Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world. “Feels weird adulting but I am for it finally a dream of mine coming true!!” she said in her caption.


What did you think of Chloe’s ‘AGT’ audition?


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