Top Most Sexy Couples On ‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’?

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America’s Got Talent Champions is LITERALLY the Olympics of talent shows. Combine talent with TONS of sex appeal, and you’ve hit a gold mine. Which AGT couple do you think reigns as the sexiest?

Deadly Games AGT

Our Talent Recap correspondent, Jack Tomas chopped it up with none other than the fabulous ‘Accordion Hans’, about who the spiciest couples of AGT are.


So who’s the sexiest couple? According to Hans (no pun intended), “Billy and Emily are very sexy but they’re brother and sister so I can’t say that can I?” Um Hans…you just did! I think both DEFINITELY have immense amounts of sex appeal.

Billy And Emily England

Billy and Emily England AGT

Billy and Emily England is the official stage name for the real roller-skating duo Victor and Emilia Arata. The AGT season 12 semifinalists perform death defying tricks that leave viewers in complete disbelief. I usually have to pick my jaw up off of the floor after watching these two. The brother-sister act rolls their way to victory with every single performance. Not to mention they’re both, hot…hot…HOT!

Billy and Emily actually got their start on AGT’s sister show, Britain’s Got Talent. With dashing good looks and charming personalities, these two are undeniable!

Billy and Emily England AGT

Get this. Billy and Emily aren’t the only daredevils in their family. The duo’s aunt and uncle both tragically died from stunt performance accidents. The pairs aunt was a world renown silk aerialist who plummeted 30 feet to her death in front of a live audience. Similarly, their uncle then died tragically during a trapeze act.

Billy told Mirror, “Uncle Gilles used a leather neck-strap that had been passed down through his family for 50 years. He wouldn’t use any other strap because he was superstitious about it. But the strap broke and Uncle Gilles fell 20ft to his death.”  In addition to being thrill seekers, Billy and Emily are carrying their families legacy well.

Ryan Stock & Amberlynn

“What about the coupla that the [she] shoots him in the mouth with fire? That’s pretty HOT… literally” says Hans. In 2016, Ryan Stock and AmberLynn auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and advanced to the live quarterfinals. During their live performance, the duo’s act was made national news after the Amberlynn mistakenly missed the target with a burning flame arrow into the neck of her partner Ryan. Stock suffered minor injuries from the accident but was otherwise unharmed. The duo was ultimately eliminated from the competition.

Deadly Games: Alfredo & Anna Silva

However, according to Hans, the hottest duo this far? Deadly Games. Alfredo & Anna Silva are a knife throwing duo that definitely live life in the fast lane. The couple made their AGT debut back in season 11 and have continued to raise the danger bar ever since.

Deadly Games AGT

Alfredo is a man of many talents, which include magic, juggling, oh yeah and throwing knives at his wife. Casual. Anna is a professional choreographer and former ballerina from Russia. These two talents combined have created the perfect storm for a thrilling act that was hand crafted for our viewing pleasure.

Duo Transcend

Hans ultimate, favorite, SEXIEST couple? Duo Transcend. That’s right our international treasure Hans, loves him some Duo. Mary and Tyce if you’re looking for a sister wife Hans is your guy.

duo transcend AGT

The Salt Lake City Natives are pros at skating and trapeze artistry. If you didn’t know this already Tyce suffers from bad eye sight, which makes his talent that much more fascinating. Mary has a musical theater background while Tyce has always had risk at the forefront of his career. At one point he was a professional cliff diver! I didn’t even know that was a job.

We’ve all seen that terrifying video of Mary slipping through Tyce’s hands while suspended up in the air. Since then Duo has continued to impress America with their dare-devilish ways.

This couple CLEARLY has the looks, and are ALWAYS serving up a side of sexy with their acts.

Check out our interview with the fabulous Hans below!

Who do you think is the sexiest couple on AGT?


Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

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