Season 1 Winner of “The Four” Steps Out as ‘Evvie’ at The Teen Choice Awards

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Okay so, The Four season one winner Evvie McKinney is now calling herself Evvie, which makes us feel like a Beyonce or Adele moment is coming. The Teen Choice awards were in full effect Sunday, and Evvie came to bare all during her performance of her new single, How Do you feel.

Twitter fingers were blowing up the twitter-sphere after Evvie’s performance, leaving fans divided on whether they enjoyed the soulful ballad or not. This is the thing with Evvie…what is her style? As a new artist it’s definitely good to put feelers out to your audience, but are fans picking up what she’s laying down?

@LoveShania tweeted, I really like the song but I don’t know wtf its about.

Evvie gets DEEP with her debut piece singing, “How do you feel when you’re with her?/When she cracks a smile does it light up your world?/ How do you feel when it’s all said and done?/Are you in love with her even though you can’t see?” Okay, first of all…who hurt our girl Evvie? Also, do we think this song choice is the right first step out in to the music realm?

@AmeliaOmeda twitted, Still no for me.

Evvie has an amazing voice, no doubt…but it’s what she will do with that voice that will add longevity and success to her career. At 21 years of age her career is just beginning, and some are on the fence of if How Do You Feel is the right vibes for her young soul.

We’re anxious to see if Evvie will keep that same soulful energy at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September. It would be awesome to hear some new tracks…maybe something thats more up tempo? You can still get tickets to the festival at the link listed below

Either way we’re stoked for Evvie’s musical journey and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve! Incase you missed Evvie’s @TeenChoiceFOX performance, you can check it out below.




Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

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