Salty Simon Cowell Bashes ‘The Masked Singer’ and ‘The Voice’

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Simon Cowell reportedly revived his Mr. Nasty persona when talking about rival talent competitions like The Masked Singer and The Voice. We might have suspected he wasn’t a fan of these shows, but his alleged comments show just how much he dislikes them.

Read on to see why Simon apparently thinks shows like The Voice are “disrespectful” ⁠— and why he’s worried they might be a threat to his own competitions.

Simon Cowell Disses ‘The Masked Singer’ And ‘The Voice’

Britain’s Got Talent auditions have begun filming, and according to Female First, Simon told a contestant what he really thinks of other popular competition shows.

“There are so many people like you who need a break. When I see shows like ‘The Masked Singer‘ or ‘The Voice‘, where people have their back to a singer – which I find so disrespectful – if we’re not careful, people like you won’t have these shows to have a shot on. Which is why I am very thankful ITV have given us the five-year deal they did.”


Simon went on to say, “If the future is shows like that, you might as well give up.” He added how important it is to have shows like BGT, “Otherwise it’s just going to be an ex-soap star dressed as a monster, and I can’t think of anything more depressing.”

Is Simon Threatened By The Success Of These Shows?

It certainly sounds like Simon thinks shows like The Masked Singer and The Voice are threats to his own shows, pointing out how “thankful” he is to have five more years of BGT.

The Masked Singer UK judge Jonathan Ross recently shared his belief that Simon would be jealous of the show’s format: “When he sees something good on TV, he’ll think, ‘That’s a smart idea, how can I improve my shows so they’re as good as that?'” Judge Davina McCall, meanwhile, said The Masked Singer isn’t “mean” like X Factor.


While Simon may think The Masked Singer and The Voice have “depressing” or “disrespectful” formats, plenty of fans seem to enjoy them. The Masked Singer has been a hit in the U.S. for two seasons, and the UK version had a strong premiere showing.

And although Simon dislikes the blind audition format, those episodes were apparently more popular in the ratings last season on The Voice UK. Meanwhile, Simon’s show The X Factor has been struggling a bit in recent years, as he continually tries to revamp the format.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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