Roller Skating Sibling Duo Perform Scary Trick On ‘BGT’ That Has Judges Shook [VIDEO]

Samantha Agate
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Billy and Emily England have been roller skating together since they were kids. The brother-sister duo auditioned for season nine of Britain’s Got Talent with a dangerous acrobatic roller-skating act that took everyone by surprise. Take a look at their showstopping ‘BGT’ audition below.

Billy And Emily England Showed Off Incredible Skating Skills On ‘BGT’

The powerful bond between these siblings was very clear. “I love skating with my sister,” Billy said. “I will not skate with anyone else.” They launched into an epic routine where they pulled off some extremely bold tricks. At several points throughout the audition, the judges were squirming in their seats as they watched Billy lift Emily and spin her around. Towards the end of the routine, the pair used a rope to tie their heads together and Emily was swung around in a trick that looked nearly impossible to pull off. But, they showed everyone that the impossible is possible and prompted the judges and the audience to give them a standing ovation.


“That was so dangerous, I was so worried for your head,” judge Alesha Dixon said. “You’re fearless and that was a fresh spin on roller skating. I thought it was fantastic.” Amanda Holden also agreed it was “so exciting and fresh.” Simon Cowell also praised the act. “We’ve seen a lot of roller skating acts on this show and normally they are horrific,” he said. “I’ve actually never seen an act like that in my life.” They got four yes’s from the judges and performed another incredible routine during the semifinals. They were later eliminated from the competition.

The Duo Also Appeared On ‘AGT’

After finding success on ‘BGT,’ the pair took their talents to America’s Got Talent. Simon was so happy to see them in America. The pair actually moved to Las Vegas, Nevada after appearing on ‘BGT.’ They made it all the way to the semi-finals where they were later eliminated from the competition.

They were brought back for ‘AGT: The Champions’ and were eliminated in the preliminary round. But again, they pushed the envelope, doing a trick where Emily grabbed on to Billy’s beard and swung around.

And of course they were also brought back for ‘BGT: The Champions.’ Though they did not end up winning the show, they certainly were a very memorable act.

Where Are They Now?

The pair are still skating around the world, showing off their death-defying tricks whenever they get the chance. They have been performing at the Absinthe Vegas in Las Vegas along with Caesars Palace. Emily actually started a YouTube channel where she totally slays challenges and new moves. During the coronavirus pandemic, the pair actually told us they have been spending time with their family. Emily moved to England to spend time with her mother and family and Billy stayed in Vegas with his four-year-old son. “The show we are in Vegas, Absinthe, plans to reopen and we are definitely going to be part of it as producers are trying to make the small circus tent outside Caesars Palace COVID-friendly” they told us.

She also posted on Instagram that she has been practicing magic. Will we get to see her magic skills in the future? “Emily is a magician on the side so she’s working on her slight of hand and Billy is being the funniest dad possible” they continued.

Billy and Emily have also gotten creative during the coronavirus pandemic with some new at-home workouts. The roller skaters post videos on TikTok to make people smile during this difficult time in the world.

For them, appearing on ‘Got Talent’ shows has changed their life immensely. “We have real fans now that follow us and come see us perform live and scream our names from the audience,” they said. “You’re kind of like a little celebrity which is extremely rare in our industry of acrobatics.” The pair also credited Simon for giving them opportunities that no other cirque performers have been given such as appearing on The Ellen Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Access Hollywood and many others.


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