Robbie Williams Took ‘The X Factor UK’ Job For The Cash

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Robbie Williams had a couple of hits over here in the States, but he is a legend in the UK. First as a member of Take That and then for his crazy successful solo career. It wasn’t a surprise that Simon Cowell tapped him to come be a judge on The X Factor UK. But what motivated Robbie to join the show? The big fat paycheck.

Listen, call it uncouth if you want, at least he’s honest. The truth is, what is he going to get out of it. Exposure? He doesn’t need it. The X Factor UK isn’t doing that great any way. But hell, I’d do just about any show for several million dollars. When asked why he took the job Robbie said,

“Well, you know it’s a weird question to be asked because if you say, ‘I’m here for the competition’ everyone at home will say, ‘Oh yeah, really.’ But then if you say there’s millions of reasons people will say, ‘How dare you quote the money.’ You know, it’s a mixture of everything. I came for the money but I am staying for the show.”

Who can blame him? London is even more expensive than New York City where Talent Recap is located. Got to make that paper, mate. Respect.



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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