Revealed: Why Gwen Stefani Rejected Sia’s Offer to Record This Super Hit Song

Jill O'Rourke
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On Tuesday’s new episode of The Voice, coach Gwen Stefani revealed that she almost recorded one of Sia’s most well-known songs. She ended up passing on it, and interestingly, artist Kyndal Inskeep chose to perform it in the Knockouts.

The song was “Elastic Heart,” which Sia released in 2013. It was performed by Gwen’s team member Kyndal Inskeep, in a Knockout against Jessie Lawrence. Read on to find out more about Gwen’s connection to the song, and how Kyndal did.

Kyndal Inskeep performs Sia’s “Elastic Heart.”

Gwen Stefani Almost Recorded ‘Elastic Heart’

“This song’s crazy, because Sia sent me this song for me to do,” Gwen shared. However, she passed on it, because it’s “very specific to her” and is “such a weird, unique song.”

Gwen thought it was a good choice for Kyndal, whose voice is also unique. Kyndal shared that she chose the song because it connected with her on a personal level. “It has a lot to do with rejection and heartbreak that I have gone through,” she explained.

She said she felt abandoned by her biological father, and fell into a deep depression. Kyndal shared that she would listen to “Elastic Heart” over and over, and it gave her “strength.”

Sia’s official video for “Elastic Heart.”

Kyndal Inskeep Performs ‘Elastic Heart’

The song may not have been the right choice for Gwen, but it worked out pretty well for Kyndal, as she won the Knockout against Jessie Lawrence. Kelly Clarkson told her she “performed the hell out of that song.”

However, she added her suggestion that Kyndal should stay away from songs by singers with a “similar sound” to her. “I want people to know you and your original form,” she shared.

As for Gwen, Yahoo points out that she did go on to record two songs written by Sia. One was “My Heart Is Open,” which Gwen recorded with Maroon 5. The other was “Start a War,” an unreleased song for Gwen’s third album, which she co-wrote with Sia.

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