Reaction To Simon Cowell’s Most Controversial Golden Buzzer EVER

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Simon Cowell caused a bit of controversy with his Golden Buzzer on Monday night’s AGT: The Champions episode. Mostly because he wasn’t supposed to press it, but also because the act he chose might not have been deserving, watch Talent Recap reaction to it all in the video down below

PSA: At the start of the show, host Terry Crews made a point to say that it was Howie Mandel’s turn to hit the Golden Buzzer in this episode. However, Simon ended up stealing it to send dance group Boogie Storm through to the finals.

Simon Cowell Steals Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer

Simon has been a fan of Boogie Storm (a group of dancers who dress up like Stormtroopers) since they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. He gave them the Golden Buzzer on that show, and this time he pressured Howie to press it.

The crowd began to chant encouraging Howie to press the Golden Buzzer, but he refused. Heidi Klum said she agreed with his choice. However, while the other judges were talking, Simon sneaked in and smashed the Golden Buzzer himself.


Howie wasn’t the only one shocked by the move. The show also cut to other contestants backstage, who looked disappointed that the episode’s finals spot was given away. “They have to be in the final,” Simon insisted, calling the group “original.”

For the rest of the show, Howie made it clear how annoyed he was by the move, pointing out that he might have hit the Golden Buzzer for comedian Ryan Niemiller or magician Marc Spelmann if he had the opportunity.

Did Boogie Storm Deserve The Golden Buzzer?

The dancers in Boogie Storm are clearly talented, but is the act good enough to deserve the Golden Buzzer? Heidi Klum doesn’t seem to think so, and neither do a lot of fans.

“You guys are all fine dancers and stuff,” Heidi told the group. “It’s a real fun gimmick, but how long can that last?” She said her favorite part about it was watching Simon’s delighted reaction.


Several commenters on Talent Recap’s YouTube video agreed that Boogie Storm wasn’t Golden Buzzer-worthy. One fan said that if you “remove the clothes,” they’re “just another average act.” Others argued that singer Marcelito Pomoy was more deserving. (He did make it through to the semifinals thanks to the superfans.)

Is ‘AGT: Champions’ Trying To Be Controversial?

This isn’t the first time this season that AGT: The Champions has sparked outrage online. Last week, the judges (especially Howie Mandel) came under fire for sending singing accordion player Hans through to the semifinals.

Shadow dance group Junior Creative and singer Jack Vidgen were eliminated because of this decision. Many fans believed one of those two acts was more deserving of a place in the semifinals.

It begs the question, is AGT: Champions deliberately stirring up controversy? Since the show was prerecorded, viewers at home can’t vote for their favorites. Are these controversial decisions a strategy to get people to tune in and see the drama? Or do the judges and fans simply have different tastes? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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