Rapper Gets Real With Original Song About Depression & Anxiety On ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’


Aaron J Hart had been songwriting for most of his life before auditioning for season one of Ireland’s Got Talent. His performance got a bit emotional with his own original rap about depression and anxiety that left the judges in awe. Check it out below.

Aaron J Hart Performed Original Rap On ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’

When Aaron stepped out onto the stage, judge Michelle Visage got pretty flirty. She asked him if he was single and he replied that he is. “Well you won’t be after tonight,” she said back. But Aaron didn’t come on the show to have ladies falling in love with him. His message was something much greater.

He came to the show with a mission because he wanted to show people “it’s not just all an image.” For him, it was about being a lyricist and channeling real-life situations and emotions into his songs. For his audition, Aaron performed his original song called “Show Pain.” This was written from his own experiences growing up with a mother who was addicted to drugs and experiencing homelessness for a number of years. He used songwriting as an escape. “Maybe I could be a voice for people who are afraid to speak up,” he said before the performance.


The song had some powerful lyrics about hiding his pain and wanting to die. It was a reminder to “be strong” and not to “be weak.” For Michelle, this song really hit home because she is the mother of a child with depression. “It’s a brutal thing for anybody to have to go through, especially a child who thinks that they’re alone,” she said. Denise van Outen was also a huge fan of the performance. “I just wasn’t expecting that,” Louis Walsh said. “It was quite incredible. You’ve just got something special.”

“Yeah you represent a lot of kids and young people up there,” Jason Byrne said. He proceeded to call Aaron a “brave, beautiful person.” He was voted through to the Semi-Finals after his emotional audition. Later, he reached the Grand Final. He rapped a more upbeat song and was later eliminated from the competition. “Since the show, a lot has changed, like the way my fanbase completely blew up. And the connection with fans at shows is incredible” he told us exclusively.

Where Is He Now?

After appearing on Ireland’s Got Talent in 2018, he made it known that he immediately wanted to start working on more of his original music. “I’m going to get back into the studio straight away,” he told VIP Magazine. “I’ve a load of songs ready to release so I’m not going to stop. This is the stepping stone I needed and people know my name and my music now. When I get into the studio, I’ll just record everything. I’ll spend hours and hours to just try make it.”

He kept this promise and released a new original song called “Vanish” in 2020. “Crazy thing is, I just speak how I feel,” he said. “Because I do suffer with depression & anxiety, I became addicted to the feeling I get when I sing about it.”

He also got candid with fans about his journey to find his sound which he feels like he finally found within the past few months. For him, music has been the only thing he has ever wanted to pursue in life. “Seeing so many people relate to what I do is inspiring. I thought once the audition aired, I didn’t think any more could come of it” he said. “Then it (his audition) went to Simon Cowell’s top 6 rappers. Blew me away.”


His song “Show Pain” that he auditioned with also proved to be a major success. “My song ‘Show Pain’ went straight to #1 on the iTunes Charts the moment it came out. It’s had hundreds & thousands of streams on Spotify also,” he told us. There are definitely such huge things ahead for this incredible rapper in the future.


What did you think of Aaron’s inspiring Ireland’s Got Talent audition?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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