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Rapper Boosie Brags Arranging S*X For Underage Son By Grown Woman & It Backfired REAL Bad

Rapper Boosie Brags Arranging S*X For Underage Son By Grown Woman And It Backfired REAL BadGettyImages

Rapper Boosie has always managed to be at the center of drama or controversy. But this time, fans think he may have taken it a little too far. He took to Instagram Live to bost that he arranged for his young son to have oral sex. And the even more shocking thing is that it was performed by a grown woman.


The rapper has eight children, so it is unclear exactly which child he is referencing. In the video posted on Instagram Live, Boosie says that his son and his nephews both had oral sex. They are somewhere around the ages of 12 and 13. The women were a lot older. He said that he is “training them boys right.” Boosie thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with this revelation. But of course, tons of people online disagree with him.

People Are Outraged By Boosie’s Outlandish Behavior Towards His Children

People were not happy about Boosie confidently saying that he thinks this decision was healthy for his son. They believe that he should not be allowed around children. “No grown man who openly admits to allowing his sons and nephews to have sex with grown women should be allowed around children. All this ‘rite of passage’ talk is bullsh*t and Boosie is ruining the lives of Black children. Bottomline. He should not be near a child,” said one Twitter user.

Some Twitter users even referred to this sexual act as “molestation.” One user said, “Boosie admitting to facilitating the molestation of preteens, by an adult woman, should be enough for his account to be deleted and banned at the very minimum.” They called for his social media accounts to be deleted due to this disturbing content that he posted.

“Imagine the outrage if Boosie was discussing his daughters in this manner. This is statutory rape,” said another Twitter user. The definition of statutory rape is a person who has sex with someone under the “age of consent.” They can face a variety of criminal charges depending on the state. With his child being 12 or 13, he is definitely underage. She added “Boosie is confidently telling the internet that he sets his boys up to be statutorily raped because … MISOGYNY?? And that makes it ok??” There seems to be this idea in Boosie’s head that oral sex will turn his boys into men. This is definitely not the case and needs to be addressed because that is a misconception placed upon members of society at an early age. It comes from a place of ignorance and sheds light on toxic masculinity according to people on social media.


He Made Comments In The Past About Dwayne Wade’s Transgender Daughter

Back in February, Boosie made comments on social media that were very harsh towards Dwayne Wade’s transgender child Zaya. He wrote, “Don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh.” Boosie clearly seems to have had an issue with the fact that Dwayne was supporting his child’s decision to transition. He also said that Dwayne “was going too far.” Boosie went on to say “I just feel like children are too young to make those decisions like that and I believe in traditional values that’s all. And people took it the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to harm nobody, I don’t have nothing against nobody or nothing like that.” This is particularly ironic considering he feels it is completely appropriate to force his son into having oral sex with a woman who is a lot older than him.

One Twitter user wrote “People can’t handle Dwayne and Gabrielle allowing their child to live out loud but are completely fine with Boosie’s stupid a** getting grown women to molest his underaged kids? Okay.” Another Twitter user said “HE. IS. TRASH !!! He worried bout Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union when the police need to be at his trash a** door.” Last time we checked, Dwayne and Gabrielle Union are supporting their child and everything that they do is completely legal. Boosie, on the other hand, has no right to criticize a couple and their child if he cannot properly act like a father instead of making his child engage in underage sex.

Boosie Has A Longstanding Criminal History

Boosie has been involved in drama and criminal activity in the past. In 2009, the rapper was sentenced to four years in prison after a Glock and marijuana were found in his car. During his sentencing, he violated probation and was then placed under house arrest. In 2010 he was indicted on first-degree murder charges for the murder of Terry Boyd. He was also charged for the intention to distribute narcotics and three counts of conspiracy. Had he been convicted, he could have faced the death penalty. He was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to the drug charges but was found not guilty of murder. He was released early in 2014 and admitted to having a codeine addiction. You would think that narrowly escaping the death penalty would give him a new outlook on life.


Boosie also announced on Instagram that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. However, he is still a heavy smoker even after this diagnosis. You would also think that someone that has been through so much in their life would want to get their act together and live a better life for the sake of their children.


What do you think about Boosie’s comments about his child having oral sex performed on him?

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