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Tonight’s musical guest on Songland is pop star Charlie Puth. The 27-year-old will be looking for his next big hit, listening to music from four talented songwriters. Who will he pick?

Tonight’s new episode of the NBC show will premiere after the results for the AGT semifinals. Read on to find out more about Charlie Puth, as well as some of tonight’s featured artists.
Charlie Puth on Songland, are you kidding me? HE WILL PICK A SONG TONIGHT? WHAAA

Who Is Charlie Puth?

You might know Charlie best for his song “Attention,” which made it to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He was also featured on Wiz Khalifa’s No. 1 hit song “See You Again” from the movie Furious 7.

Charlie got his start on YouTube, and ended up writing songs for artists like Pitbull, Zara Larsson, and Maroon 5. (Notably, the band’s frontman Adam Levine is a producer on Songland.) So Charlie knows firsthand what it’s like for the artists featured on tonight’s show.

Have you heard ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth? If you haven’t, you’re missing out and believe me, he is goood. Check it out like NOW.

This video has 1 billion view okay? Charlie Puth is a STAR and I love him? Like LOOOOOOVE him and I can’t wait for Songland tonight.

What Is Charlie Looking For In A Song?

“I’m looking for a song people are gonna have stuck in their heads,” Charlie says in a preview for tonight’s episode. It might also help if the artist can bring him to tears, which one of tonight’s songwriters will do.

In the preview, Charlie can be seen crying, telling one of the contestants, “It’s just kind of surreal for me right now. You are so immensely talented.” We can’t wait to hear what song inspired such an emotional reaction from him.
Sam Derosa’s: ‘Pill For This.’ An original performance on Songland due tonight, would Charlie Puth like him?

Watch A Sneak Peek Of Sam Derosa

Songland has released a clip of songwriter Sam Derosa performing her original song “Pill for This.” In an interesting coincidence, Sam is Charlie’s former high school classmate.

Sam’s song especially impressed judges Ester Dean and Ryan Tedder. Ryan even got goosebumps from the performance. “That song’s on the radio right now,” Ester said, while Ryan added that he would have the chorus stuck in his head all day.

According to her website, Sam co-wrote lovelytheband’s “Broken,” and currently works with Shane McAnally, another judge on the show.

Joel Adams’ Fake Friends video s worth watching and given how cute his face is, I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t tune into Songland tonight to see the show. Charlie Puth and Joel Adams = Yum!

Who Else Is Performing On Songland Tonight?

Two more of tonight’s songwriters have been announced. They include Zach Sorgen and Joel Adams. Zach is the frontman for the band Wake the Wild, and has worked with artists like Ryan Tedder and French Montana.

Joel Adams is an Australian singer-songwriter who appeared on X Factor Australia in 2012. He released his debut single “Please Don’t Go” in 2015. Check out his music video for “Fake Friends” above.

Hear what all of these songwriters have to offer Charlie Puth on tonight’s episode of Songland at 9/8c on NBC.

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