Pole Dancer Interrogated By Judges For Sexy Outfit Choice & Then This Happens [VIDEO]

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Anastasia Sokolova was extremely nervous before her Ukraine’s Got Talent audition. When she stepped out onto the stage, the judges had questionable looks on their faces. But what she did next was completely unexpected. Take a look at her 2014 audition below.

Anastasia Sokolova Proved The Judges Wrong On ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

Anastasia was questioned a bit by the judges when she first stepped out onto the Ukraine’s Got Talent stage in her black leather outfit and boots. But she was determined to prove them all wrong and show that you cannot judge someone preemptively. She started off her routine with some gorgeous extensions and movements and then launched into some crazy tricks.


The judges were thrown for a loop and never expected Anastasia to blow them all away. “I hate when people ask why strippers or dancers have to dress so revealing, how you think they hang on the pole without slipping? The more skin showing the better grip” said one comment about her audition. “I like how people immediately judged her for the way she dressed but was impressed at the end…” said another.

She was sent into the semi-finals where she upped the ante of her act with visuals that made it look like she was dancing in a ring of fire.

In her performance during the Ukraine’s Got Talent Final, she was joined by male dancers in a sultry routine. She created some stunning illusions with her body and truly showed the amount of strength it takes to be a pole dancer. She was actually named the runner up of the season.

If you are completely mesmerized by Anastasia’s pole dancing skills on Ukraine’s Got Talent, definitely check out the compilation below. It features some of the sexiest pole dancers in ‘Got Talent’ history that will totally blow you away with their skills and flexibility.

Where Is She Now?

Anastasia Sokolova has established a massive online fanbase after becoming a huge name in the pole dancing world on Ukraine’s Got Talent. She is the owner and designer of her own clothing line called Sokolova Brand. All of the products are handmade and she personally tests her own designs and wears them while training.

She is also the director and founder of Kiev Pole Dance School and has judged pole dancing championships all over Europe. She posed an important question to her followers on one Instagram video. “Art or vulgarity? How do you feel about it?” she asked. This same question was definitely brought up when she first appeared on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

She recently performed another show-stopping routine in Brazil. “This is something that no one can steal from me..I know that justice, kindness and truth always win! I know that there is a rule- if you hurt someone, then the life will hurt you after…
I start to fight … and it was only beginning” she captioned the post.


What did you think of Anastasia’s pole dancing journey on Ukraine’s Got Talent?


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